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New blog!

Hello! You can now find my blog here: http://thelittlefarmhouse1.blogspot.nl/ The content of my other blog is gone, I’m afraid. Hope to see you in The Little Farmhouse. xx Advertisements

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I have moved

Hi, I had to move. Here’s my blog, with a new name: blog.thelittlefarmhouse.nl. Hope to see you there! Corine xxx http://blog.thelittlefarmhouse.nl

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Finished … The Many-Stitches-Blanket!!

Tuesday was a happy day, as I finished my many stitches blanket! Yay! And I am so utterly happy with it, I just love how it turned out. It all started with basket, filled with lovely yarn. Soft and muted … Continue reading

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Autumn in July

When I look outside I see rain, a lot of broken branches and leaves on the street and I see wind. Well, I cannot actually see the wind but I know it’s there. I’d better stay indoors today then. We … Continue reading

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No, I do not need another WiP!

I can start a new project in a split second. This usually happens when I see a nice blanket (it’s almost always a blanket) on the internet. I try to suppress it but most of the time the urge of … Continue reading

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Bags and shawls and a bag ….

I like crochet-groups on the Internet, on Facebook, I really do. I like it when people, strangers to each other really,  help each other with difficult stitches or with choosing colours. I also like it when people are friendly to … Continue reading

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Less Sophie, more Lima

Ah yes, the Sophie. Well, here’s an update. It’s not working. My Sophie isn’t working and it is just not only the yarn I use.  About that yarn, when working on Sophie I noticed that crocheting with cotton is not … Continue reading

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After the hail

We had some serious hailstones dropping from the sky last night. I didn’t take any photos of it as I was all nice cuddled up on/in my bed with my latest crochet project. Basically, I was too lazy to get … Continue reading

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A bit of shopping

On a windy yet sunny (the flower wouldn’t sit still) Wednesday morning friend M and I took the ferry to the other side of the river for some serious budget yarn-shopping. I was hoping to find some green  Fenna-yarn and … Continue reading

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Giant Granny Square “Summer”-progress

My Giant Granny Square-blanket is growing and growing which means I need more and more yarn for every row. It also means I have now lots of bits and bobs and these b&b’s are not enough for a single row … Continue reading

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