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New blog!

Hello! You can now find my blog here: http://thelittlefarmhouse1.blogspot.nl/ The content of my other blog is gone, I’m afraid. Hope to see you in The Little Farmhouse. xx Advertisements

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Sleepless in the village

When I can’t sleep (which happens a lot) I ponder, I drudge and I think about crochet. I think of all my ongoing WiP’s and what to do with them. In my head I make lists, in which order to … Continue reading

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Pink Monday

Do you remember my lovely new white and flowery dress, the one I wore when showing of my new blanket? About the new blanket, first of all, a big massive heartfelt THANK YOU for all of your compliments and positive … Continue reading

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A creative mess

People say that messy people are creative people. I am not sure about that, but I think it can be true. In my case it sure is. Look at the state of my desk. I am doing ten times at … Continue reading

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Back in the sadle again …

About fours years ago I met friend M when I was looking for someone who could teach me how to horseback ride. It was something I wanted to try for years, horseback riding, and when I moved to the village … Continue reading

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Just an ordinary week …

It was a weird week, this week. It was a week with some devastating, sad news. A cousin of mine died, way too young. It made me so angry when I heard this news. I always considered him as my … Continue reading

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The K-word

When I was a child, 11, 12 years young, I had craft classes at school. We, the girls, learned how to sow, to embroidery and to knit. I loved the embroidery, that was fun. The knitting … naaahhh …. that … Continue reading

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Slowing down

I think I have being crocheting too much lately. Is that even possible? Well, last week, on Monday, I woke up with a very red and painful elbow. And both of my hands are sore, not only last week but … Continue reading

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About Pinterest, Greengate and Cath Kidston. And other stuff …

My o my, a blog post without photos. Well, that has a reason. I am angry, you see. Mad. Cross. You might know I get a lot of inspiration of Pinterest. Some many great ideas about crocheting, embroidery and lots … Continue reading

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Back to school

Hello, how are you today? It was yet again another cool night but now the sun is shining. Have a look at my roses first. A little while ago I bought some roses at the supermarket with very disappointing quality, … Continue reading

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