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Sleepless in the village

When I can’t sleep (which happens a lot) I ponder, I drudge and I think about crochet. I think of all my ongoing WiP’s and what to do with them. In my head I make lists, in which order to … Continue reading

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A bit of shopping

On a windy yet sunny (the flower wouldn’t sit still) Wednesday morning friend M and I took the ferry to the other side of the river for some serious budget yarn-shopping. I was hoping to find some green  Fenna-yarn and … Continue reading

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To Knit or not To Knit …

Yes, I am knitting. I confess. My family members can’t stop laughing about this, I know this as I can hear them, even when they are many miles away. I have always thought the knitting-gene skipped a generation or dissolved … Continue reading

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The K-word

When I was a child, 11, 12 years young, I had craft classes at school. We, the girls, learned how to sow, to embroidery and to knit. I loved the embroidery, that was fun. The knitting … naaahhh …. that … Continue reading

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