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New blog!

Hello! You can now find my blog here: http://thelittlefarmhouse1.blogspot.nl/ The content of my other blog is gone, I’m afraid. Hope to see you in The Little Farmhouse. xx Advertisements

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Buntingalingaling ….

I am a member of the Facebook group The Crafternooners, hosted by the lovely and talented Kathryn (we’ll meet soon!). The first project was a big bag, Kathryn’s own design, and that was a huge success so decided was to … Continue reading

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Sleepless in the village

When I can’t sleep (which happens a lot) I ponder, I drudge and I think about crochet. I think of all my ongoing WiP’s and what to do with them. In my head I make lists, in which order to … Continue reading

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Bags and shawls and a bag ….

I like crochet-groups on the Internet, on Facebook, I really do. I like it when people, strangers to each other really,  help each other with difficult stitches or with choosing colours. I also like it when people are friendly to … Continue reading

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CAL’s and Roses

Yes, the roses are blooming. This means Summer has started, with warmth and lots of sunny days. So I won’t tell you it’s raining right now. But it is not cold! And just look at the roses, how fabulous they … Continue reading

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Less Sophie, more Lima

Ah yes, the Sophie. Well, here’s an update. It’s not working. My Sophie isn’t working and it is just not only the yarn I use.  About that yarn, when working on Sophie I noticed that crocheting with cotton is not … Continue reading

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Sophie’s Universe

People who love to crochet probably have heard of Sophie’s Universe CAL. CAL means Crochet ALong. Every week, or every two weeks, you’ll get new stitches for your blanket. Sophie is a stunning square blanket that grows every week. On … Continue reading

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Finished :: Cosy Country Blanket

Last night I finished my Cosy Country Blanket. Yay! I am so happy the work is finally done, because I have lots of other projects in my head. And to honest: I always get in a hurry when a blanket … Continue reading

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A camera

One of the essential things in blogging is to have descent photo’s. I used to take most of my photos for this blog with my mobile phone, but now I have a camera. Yay! I have a new, proper second-hand … Continue reading

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My CAL: Cosy Country Blanket

                                            ♥ Thank You ♥ Thank You ♥ Thank You ♥ I had so many lovely comments after finishing my CygnetCountryBlanket, both on my blog as on my Facebook-page, thank you very much. Believe me when I say it is … Continue reading

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