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New blog!

Hello! You can now find my blog here: The content of my other blog is gone, I’m afraid. Hope to see you in The Little Farmhouse. xx Advertisements

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A bit of shopping

On a windy yet sunny (the flower wouldn’t sit still) Wednesday morning friend M and I took the ferry to the other side of the river for some serious budget yarn-shopping. I was hoping to find some green  Fenna-yarn and … Continue reading

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The Master

Well, I can cross that of of my bucket-list: I have seen The Nachtwacht. It was my second visit to the Rijks (that is the Rijksmuseum for the close) and this time it was a special occasion. K works on … Continue reading

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Big City

This Friday I was utterly proud of myself. Why, you might ask. Well, I drove all by myself to Amsterdam. ‘Duhh, big deal’,  I can here you think. Well, yes, to me it wás a big deal as I am … Continue reading

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My car …

Yesterday I was sitting in my little Noddy-car, waiting for the barriers to close. I was on my way to my parents house, as we had a meeting in the nursing home at eleven am. On this trip I always … Continue reading

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Crime and punishment

When driving my car I am a good girl. Really, I am. I stop when the traffic lights turn orange, I always use my traffic indicator, I don’t use my mobile phone (I don’t hear it ringing anyway as I … Continue reading

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Diarizos River valley

When in a foreign country K and I like to take a local bus, to explore the local surroundings. At Pafos there was a special tourist-bus but we ignored that one. We think it is some much more fun to … Continue reading

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At Cyprus

Well, we made it. At about 1:15 am we landed at Pafos. As usual i didn’t enjoy the flight very much. The plane wobbled, just to annoy me personally I think, and I don’t like wobbly planes. Luckily the owner … Continue reading

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A week away

My man K flew 92 times up and down to the UK last fourteen months and he wanted a break. And so he booked a holiday, we packed a suitcase and flew to sunny Cyprus. It was much cheaper to … Continue reading

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Leicester, days # 4 and 5

Wednesday, day 4 :: Look at my breakfast, I made pancakes. With a pancakemachine. Yes, there are machines that make pancakes. I want one of those machines at home. Press on the button, et voilà, pancakes. I got two mini … Continue reading

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