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New blog!

Hello! You can now find my blog here: The content of my other blog is gone, I’m afraid. Hope to see you in The Little Farmhouse. xx Advertisements

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A bit of shopping

On a windy yet sunny (the flower wouldn’t sit still) Wednesday morning friend M and I took the ferry to the other side of the river for some serious budget yarn-shopping. I was hoping to find some green  Fenna-yarn and … Continue reading

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Reasons for a smile # 1 :: Crochet book

  I love books. Locking me up in a bookshop or in a huge library gives me só much pleasure. And when I started to crochet I discovered crochet-books, of course. But books are expensive and my money-trees in the … Continue reading

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A book for me

I don’t buy books. I have a library card and buying books is not allowed, not for a couple of years anyway. There are still so many books in this house I haven’t read yet. However, yesterday I made an … Continue reading

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Books vs crochet

I love books. I adore books.  I breathe books. Maybe that is why have 1000 and a bit books in the house (no, haven’t read them all yet). There are piles of books everywhere, wich makes K (a non-reader, poor … Continue reading

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Book Fair

When I met M about three and a half years ago we soon discovered we had a common passion: reading. And when I told her about the annual book fair in our village every last weekend of November we kind … Continue reading

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A writer visiting – Roman Helinski

When K trew his belated 50th birthday party in June we discovered that one of his uncles has a godchild who is a writer. A published writer (me veeeeeeeeeeeeery jealous, although I have published too, but not a complete book. … Continue reading

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A Tuesday

A trip to the library yesterday resulted in these lovely books. The book on the right, by Nicki Trench, I once borrowed before, but crochet was still a bit of a mystery for me back then. But now, I can … Continue reading

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Last year I have won eighteen books. Seriously. I even won, in one week, four weeks (yes, I know, it’s almost embarrassing) . Two of them were copies of “Inferno” by Dan Brown, both the luxury editions. This year it is bit … Continue reading

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