Autumn in July

rainWhen I look outside I see rain, a lot of broken branches and leaves on the street and I see wind. Well, I cannot actually see the wind but I know it’s there. I’d better stay indoors today then. We had such a storm this weekend, with a lot of damage. Luckily all of our trees are still firm in the ground, but it did get a bit scary now and then. I must say, I do like a good storm but what I don’t like are these squalls. It makes the roof ‘squeak’. rain Now there are plenty things I can do today, like cleaning the house or sorting out my wardrobe, but I think I’ll choose the most important chore: finishing my blanket. There are so many crochet WiP’s going on in this house that it makes me restless and unease. I just have to finish something now.cappuccinoBut before I continue my blog-writing I need a cappuccino. And a vest. It sure is chilly out here. Right, the blanket. The many stitches blanket that is. I am almost there. Lima deken laatste randI am now working on the last row and then I can start making the border. It was such a pleasure to work on this blanket, I loved creating something new and using stitches I had not used before. Of course these stitches gave me new ideas, ideas for new blankets, a bag, a cushion cover and other projects. Lima yarnThere’ll be a pleasant amount of yarn left after completing the blanket, enough for what I have in mind. I really enjoy working with this yarn and it has the most amazing colours. Unfortunately I have only about half a ball of pink and half a ball of light beige left, so I can’t use that for the border. But I am not allowed to buy more, as my mission for this year is to use ALL of my ‘stash’ first.  Lima blanketAnyway, no new or other ongoing projects yet, I MUST finish this blanket before I can finish, or even start another item. This blanket should have been finished a couple of weeks ago, that was the plan, but we had a heat wave on this side of the pond and it was just way too hot working on a Alpaca-wool blanket.  But this week is a good week to continue working on this one. And I’ll finish it.


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7 Responses to Autumn in July

  1. Bridget Warne says:

    Your blanket is beautiful, is there a pattern available to buy please x

  2. The weather here in England is rather Autumnal at the moment too. Dull, grey, windy and wet!! Just the weather for crochet! Your blanket is looking gorgeous, I shall be interested to see your finished photos 🙂

  3. chouxsy says:

    Lovely colours! Xx

  4. nanacathy2 says:

    Really pretty colours. Bit autumnal here today and the wind last night did the hedge no good at all.

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