Sleepless in the village

When I can’t sleep (which happens a lot) I ponder, I drudge and I think about crochet. I think of all my ongoing WiP’s and what to do with them. In my head I make lists, in which order to finish to finish them. I am very good in making lists, you see.
Two nights ago, wide awake, I suddenly decided to unravel some of the projects. The next morning I started a new one. Yes, there is no logical explanation for my behaviour, I know. As I still have loads of Stylecraft DK I began a new blanket. With colour, have you noticed? 🙂Stylecraft blanketBut this morning, after another short night, and after my horseback riding lesson (which was lovely as we went outside for a ride, although I only trotted three times three meters in the berm as I am such an utter wimp) I knew what to do. granny squareUnravel my big bag made of tweed. It is just too big for me. And I would like to make another one, in Grousemoor Chunky. Now that I have all of that yarn in the house, I have a good excuse to try it. So, unravelling the bag is decided. I think I’ll make a giant granny square-blanket of the tweed, with a 6mm hook, as the 5mm gave me sore hands and fingers last time.
Something that happens while being wide awake is that new ideas pop up. I think of my yarn and what to do with it. And suddenly I had an idea for a pattern. It’s not a mandala, it’s not a blanket, it’s something different. Tell you more about that later. What I can tell you is that I’ll use Grousemoor Chunky. I love that yarn, I really do.
knittingCurrently I am working on a sweater (sis, don’t laugh!) with colour Pebble. As I am not a knitter I haven’t got a clue what I am doing, but the (slow) rhythm of those knitting needles are somehow very soothing and calming. The reason I knit slow is that I am terrified of dropping a stitch. knittingknittingI started with 72 stitches on 5mm needles. They are bamboo needles and I love them. They are pleasant to work with, I prefer them above metal ones. Anyway, the start of a new sweater, my first home-made sweater ever!
Another WiP I would like to start is the Around-The-Bases CAL by ChiChi. You choose a square and all the rounds around that square -the base- is the actual CAL. It starts on the 9th of August so I do have time to finish some of my other WiP’s. Circle of the sunI made a square already but it has mistakes in it so I’ll have to crochet a new one. I think I make one of the Lily Pond granny squares as my centerpiece.
Right, it is nice and warmhot outside, I am off to the garden with pen & paper, a head full of ideas, a basket full of yarn and a cappuccino …

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4 Responses to Sleepless in the village

  1. I usually work with plastic needles, just because that is what I end up buying…and I have no complaints. Recently I was using a pair of my grandmother’s old metal needles, and the clinking sound was driving me so crazy that I went to buy another non-metal pair the same size. The only ones they had that size were bamboo. And I love them! There is just something about the way they slide against each other which makes them great to work with. Any new ones I need will be in bamboo. (Although really, I don’t NEED any more…but never say never.)

  2. Congrats on starting a sweater! I’m not a great knitter either, I find I get to tense and have to consciously relax my shoulders, I think I need more practice 🙂 A shame about the bag being too big but at least you can reuse the yarn! x

  3. corine24 says:

    Yes, the yarn will be used again. For a blanket, I think. 🙂

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