Tutorial :: Mandala Summer ’15

Mandala af1This weekend was all about mandala’s. It was so much fun to make a second mandala, and … it was a lot of work to write it all down. When people ladies asked me for the pattern I knew I had to make another one so that I could take photos of the process and write it all down. Was the first one made with lovely pink colours of Drops Paris, the second one was made with Cygnet Cottony DK. I really love that yarn and I am just not saying that because I sell it myself. It is soft and very nice to work with.Cottony DK met PBFor this mandala I choose colours that reminded me at the beach and the sea, a little beach house. You know what I like: The Hamptons style and Long Island. Think of the Rivièra Maison-style. Love that …

Anyway, the pattern is now available in Dutch and in English. Yay! I hope you all have fun making this mandala and do show me your result(s) in this new Facebook– group I’ve started: “Let’s crochet a mandala“.
Just one thing about copyright. This is my own design so please do not copy this pattern, nor photos, without my permission and do not claim this pattern as your own. That is just not a nice thing to do. Making tutorials is a lot of work, you see. Thanks, that’s sorted then.
Mandala af3

Happy hookin’!

Pattern Mandala Summer ’15

Yarn I have used:
1 x Cygnet Cottony DK White, no. 208
1 x Cygnet Cottony DK Pebble, no. 307
1 x Cygnet Cottony DK Oatmeal, no. 544
1 x Cygnet Cottony DK Powder Blue, no. 198
Cygnet Cottony DK is a mixture of 46% cotton, 46% premium acrylic and 8% viscose.

Crochet hook 5mm (Dutch). In UK: 6, in US: H/8.
Darning needle.

  • The first 3 chains of a round is the first treble, the first 2 chains are the first half treble.

I have used UK –terms:
Ch or ch = chain
Tr or tr = treble
Htr or htr = half treble
Ss or ss = slip stitch
Dc or dc = double crochet

Round 1 – Pebble:
Toer 1 Start with a magic ring and work 12 tr into the ring.
You can also ch 4 and join with a ss to make a ring. Then ch 3 (= 1st tr) + 11 tr into the chain ring. Join with a slip stitch to the third chain of the first stitch. (12 tr)

Round 2 – Pebble:
Toer 2aCh 3 and 1 tr in the same stitch, ch 1 (= first ‘cluster’)

The next 11 clusters: Yarn over, insert hook in next stitch and pull up yarn on hook (3 loops on hook).
Toer 2b Pull yarn through 2 loops (now 2 loops on hook), yarn over and in same stitch pull yarn on hook (now 4 loops on hook), yarn over and pull yarn through two loops (now 3 loops on hook), yarn over and pull yarn through all three loops (now 1 loop left on hook). Ch 1.
Repeat this 10 times. (12 clusters)
Toer 2cFasten off (see photo).

Round 3 – White:
Toer 3a  Join new colour and ch 3 (= 1 tr) + 2 tr + ch 1.Toer 3bIn next opening 3 tr + 1 ch. Repeat this 10 times.
Toer 3cFasten off (see photo above).Toer 3d Round 3 finished.

Round 4 – Oatmeal:
Toer 4 Join Oatmeal and ch 3, 1 tr, 1 ch, 2 tr. In next space 2 tr, 1 ch, 2 tr. Repeat 10 times and fasten off (sorry, I only have one photo of this round).

Round 5 – Powder Blue:Toer 5aJoin new colour between the two groups of two trebles and ch 3, 1 tr, ch 1, 2 tr. This has a V-shape.
In next space 1 tr.
In next space 2 tr, ch 1, 2 tr.
Repeat this. Toer 5bRound 5 complete, and fasten off.

Round 6 – Pebble:Toer 6a Join new colour in between two groups of two trebles.
Ch 3 (= 1 htr and 1 ch).
In next space 1 htr + 1 ch. Toer 6bRepeat and fasten off.

Round 7 – Oatmeal:
Toer 7 en 8 PicmRound seven are the ‘spokes’. Join new colour and ch 5 (= 1st tr and 2 ch). In every space 1 tr and 2 ch. 8aFasten off in first space.

Round 8 – Pebble:
Join new colour and ch 3 + 2 tr. See also photo round seven. Toer 8bIn every space 3 tr and fasten off in first space. Toer 8cRound 8 finished.

Round 9 – White:
Join White and ch 1. In every other stitch 1 dc. See photo at round nine.

Round 10 – Powder Blue:
Round 10 is the V-stitch. Toer 9 en 10 Picm Join Powder Blue and ch 4 (= 1 tr + 1 ch) + 1 tr in same stitch. Skip two stitches.
In next stitch work 1 tr, 1 ch, 1 tr, skip 2 stitches. Repeat and fasten off in first V-stitch.

Round 11 – Oatmeal:
Join Oatmeal and ch 3 and 3 tr. Toer 11In every V-shape 4 tr. Fasten off.

Round 12 – Pebble:
Join new colour and ch 4.Toer 12aIn the space between the trebles: 1 dc.
Ch 4 and 1 dc in next space. Toer 12bRepeat.

Round 13 – White:
The last round exists of white petals.Toer 13Join White and work 1 dc, 4 tr, 1 dc.
Repeat in every space of previous round. Fasten off and your mandala is now done!

Well, almost. Don’t forget to weave in all ends with a darning needle.

Have fun with you mandala!

De Nederlandse versie van het gratis patroon is hier te vinden.

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10 Responses to Tutorial :: Mandala Summer ’15

  1. Pat says:

    A beautiful mandala xPat

  2. Very clearly explained and a lovely pattern 🙂

  3. Karen Dodgson says:

    Thank you so much! I love your pattern, and the instructions were great too, nice and easy to follow. I’ll be making lots more of these I think!

  4. It is gorgeous. I love the colours. Thanks for sharing the pattern. x

  5. kieravanella says:

    So very pretty. And I love the soft colors!

  6. corine24 says:

    Thank you so much, Vanella!


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