Finished :: Mandala Summer ’15

Mandala When I placed a photo of my finished mandala on my Facebook-page I didn’t expect to receive so many likes. I was really flattered and happy with all the nice and friendly comments I got. Crocheters and knitters are nice people! Thank you, all, so very,very much.
IMG_2192This mandala was my own design, as I just made it up while working on it. Some ladies asked for the pattern and I am happy to share it. There is just one minor detail …. I forgot to write it down. I did write down the first few rows, but then I stopped doing that as I could not imagine anyone would be interested. How wrong I was (me, flattered again). MandalaAs promised on FB I’ll write down the tutorial, well, I write down what I can remember …. Now, today is going to be a very hot day, so please be patient, it might take a few days before it is finished.
The mandala above was made with Drops Paris cotton and a 5 mm hook. I really do like the colours but I didn’t like working with this yarn, although it is very soft. It splits. A lot. I still have six balls Paris left and I am not sure what to do with them. Maybe I make one big granny square or one big mandala. We’ll see.
Drops Paris The colours I have used are:
17 Off White (NL: Naturel)
58 Powder pink (NL: Pastelroze)
59 Light old pink (NL: Lichtoudroze)
60 Dark old pink (NL: Donker oudroze)
Mandala Summer '15When I had my shower this morning I thought of making another mandala, and this time with proper photos and taking notes. With other yarn. Well, I’ll better get on with it then.

Have a nice weekend!


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11 Responses to Finished :: Mandala Summer ’15

  1. Such a soft and pretty Mandala. Tthere is something really appealing about these soft shades. x

  2. Crafty Di says:

    The yarn might split but those colours are GORGEOUS! Soooo pretty x

  3. It is pretty. The colours go together well.

  4. I would definitely make this, it’s beautiful!

  5. France says:

    I find this mix of colors very appealing. That may be why so many people like it too. Quite beautiful!

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