Pink Monday

Pink dressDo you remember my lovely new white and flowery dress, the one I wore when showing of my new blanket?
About the new blanket, first of all, a big massive heartfelt THANK YOU for all of your compliments and positive reactions, here and in the Facebook groups and elsewhere. I really appreciate it. Thank you so much. A lot of you  have asked me for the pattern. I am working on that, but as it is bloody hot over here in Holland (we had an official heat wave) it simply is too hot to do anything. At this moment, when typing this, my arms are sticking to the table. Another hot and sunny day, although it might rain tonight.
Which is A) not good as I expect visitors tonight, the reading club, and Stokroos geel2SiererwtB) very good as it is a welcome treat for the garden and the flowers.
It’s also way too hot to work on my Drops Lima-blanket, as that one is all wool. I can’t handle that on my lap now.CK-cushion coverSo I keep starting new, smaller, projects, just to do something. I think the project in the above pic is going to be cushion cover. It looks like I have used red in it but it is actually a very dark pink. I want to do some knitting too, make a sweater or a skirt, but I haven’t found a pattern yet (read: a simple pattern for an absolute beginner like me).
Right, back to the dress. It is not white anymore. It is pink. And so are K’s shirts, five of them, and a pair of his trousers. Maybe I shouldn’t have washed that pink shawl together with the rest of the clothes. Maybe I should have used a colour catcher. K, he was not amused. I, on the other hand, could not stop laughing. I mean, what can you do about it? CrocsThe dress now matches my new Crocs. Light pink they are. The Crocs were for sale at the supermarket and the ones I wanted were already gone. At 9 am! This pair was the only pair left in my size, and they are okay, but I liked the other ones better. Basically, someone else is walking around in my new Crocs. Anyway, the pink clothes are back in the washing machine, for the third -and last- time. With a colour catcher.

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2 Responses to Pink Monday

  1. Hehe, love it! Perhaps you could put the shirts back in with something blue or bleach or dye them 🙂 It’s been a bit cooler here in England this week but now they predict even hotter weather coming! x

  2. corine24 says:

    Good idea, but I think we -or K- needs some serious shopping … 😉

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