Finished :: The Seashells Blanket and Some Exciting News … !

Cygnet blanketThis blog post is a bit of self promotion, but also about hard labour, a new blanket and some excitement. It has all to do with the business I am starting, a web shop. A web shop filled with …. yarn! Yay! Yes, I am going to sell yarn. And yes, we are open!  This is not a business that is going to make me filthy rich (although I wouldn’t mind), but I do hope I can make a small living out of it.
The Leicester SeamstressIt all started in 2014, when K and I were in Leicester. I found some lovely yarn by Cygnet Yarns Ltd. in a tiny shop and I really loved that yarn. The colours, the texture. I bought a couple of balls of DK and Aran and took it home with me. Cygnet dekenAt home I used it for blankets, of course. And then I ran out. Bummer, as it was not for sale in Dutchland. So I did what every smart personwoman would do: I emailed the company: “Can I please sell your yarn over here?”
“Yes, you can”. That’s the answer I wanted to hear.
After months and months of work, K made the web shop which was a lot of work, we are now officially open for business. Cygnet DK yarnOf course we needed stock and from the first big box of yarn that arrived I made a blanket. You know what they say about nibbling from your own stock … But it is all work-related, so it’s okay. Okay?Cygnet DK blanketThe plan is to show this blanket at fairs (unless I sell it) and I am also writing down the pattern for this blanket, as it is my own design.
ShellsI got the inspiration for this blanket from this postcard. Those pretty seashells have the most amazing colours, colours I found in Cygnet DK’s Harvest, Heather and Mother of Pearl. These are all mixed yarns and I added some Beige, White, Marine Mix and Bluebell for that ocean and beachy-feeling. I must say, I am pretty pleased how the blanket turned out.

Some blanket facts:
Size: 130 x 180 cm / about 51 x 67 inches
Hook size: 4mm
Yarn: 17 balls of Cygnet DK
Colours: Harvest – Heather -White – Marine Mix – Mother of Pearl – Bluebell -Beige
Cygnet DK dekenIMG_1956 PicmI wanted some nice weather so I could take decent photos outside. And I wanted to be on the pic, but without my head. Doesn’t my dress look very Summer-ish?
IMG_1978 PicmRight, the blanket had no name yet, after finishing it. I was thinking of Shells-blanket, Nautical-blanket, Long Island-blanket, Granny’s on the beach-blanket. After a bit of thinking I wanted to call it The Seashells Blanket.
I am working hard to write down the pattern, the Dutch version. I’ll do my utmost best to translate it into English as well, but please be patient as I am rather busy right now, selling yarn …. 😉 Plus it is way too hot this minute to sit in front a computer and write/translate a pattern.
Ow, I completely forget to tell you the name of the web shop, it’s called Cronelia. The name Cronelia is a combination of the first three letters of crochet and Cornelia, that is my Christian name. I was named after my grandmother, my Dad’s mother, who was a very talented crocheter, btw. And so was my other grandmother.
Cronelia logo PicmStarting a web shop is not only hard work, it is also a lot of fun as you can order cute labels, like these wooden labels. They are so me. I really like them, very simply but very nice. What do you think?

Voor mijn Nederlandse en Belgische lezers, mijn webshop is hier te vinden: In juli 2015 krijgt u 10% korting op uw bestelling!

PS: British knitters, have you seen my blankets in this issue of Knitting Magazine?
Advertentie in Knitting Magazine

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10 Responses to Finished :: The Seashells Blanket and Some Exciting News … !

  1. Congratulations! I hope all goes well for you, what an exciting time. Your blanket is gorgeous and I have fallen in love with your wooden labels! Take care. x

  2. Congratulations! Wishing you much success on what could be the perfect dream job!

  3. nanacathy2 says:

    The very best of luck with your business. I love the colours in your blanket.

  4. ENORMOUS congratulations on the shop! Wow! Wishing you all the success that you so richly deserve.
    And I love the way that you just casually slip it in to the conversation that your work is in Knitting magazine. As though that happens to all of us, all the time… 😉

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