No, I do not need another WiP!

I can start a new project in a split second. This usually happens when I see a nice blanket (it’s almost always a blanket) on the internet. I try to suppress it but most of the time the urge of starting a new project wins. Like yesterday. Twelve Block Granny Square BlanketI saw a very pretty *blanket made by Kristen of Cozymadethings and that was the answer to my question ‘what to do with my leftovers and other yarns?’.
big granny square I had already started a blanket with big granny squares a while ago, in darker shades, 24 rounds each. The Autumn-Winter-colours are really lovely, but as it is Summer now I need some Summer-colours. Right, about the new blanket. No rules, no colour matching, well, not really, anyway. Everything and anything is allowed. But I might make the last round of each square in one colour. Or not.
WoodstockThis will be a project with no rush, no deadline, no stress what so-ever. Just lots and lots of colour-happiness. I grabbed all the colours I could find, leftovers and yarn I once bought but didn’t know what to do with, threw them in my biggest shopper (don’t you just love my big shopper?) and made a first square.IMG_2104Now, doesn’t that look cheerful? Summer-ish? That yellow center really makes it definitely a sunburst granny square. It actually looks like a sun now I look at it …
About the yellow, I decided to make all the centres of each granny in yellow. That is a constant factor, I realize. That wasn’t the plan, really, constant factors. Right, that’s sorted then.
IMG_2105 PicmAfter finishing the first square I made another decision, that each square must end with two rows of blue. Any shade of blue, whatever is in the bag. So, that is constant factor no. 2. There is a third constant factor: rows five and six are also in just one colour. I just can’t help it, I do need steady factors in my life and in my crochet. It gives me peace and quietness.
Blanket Woodstock PicmAnd this way it gives the granny still lots of variety Γ‘nd calmness , too. Ow, I dΓ³ love the start of a new project … πŸ™‚

βˆ— I have asked Kristen’s permission to show her blanket in this blog post. Thank you, Kristen!

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2 Responses to No, I do not need another WiP!

  1. Me too, I love starting a new project, it is so exciting (sad case) but then I end up with so many wips but always something to make to suit my mood πŸ™‚ I like the idea of a constant to tie them all together, looking good so far. xx

  2. corine24 says:

    Yes, I know how it feels! I need a different project that suits my mood, too. πŸ™‚

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