Bags and shawls and a bag ….

I like crochet-groups on the Internet, on Facebook, I really do. I like it when people, strangers to each other really,  help each other with difficult stitches or with choosing colours. I also like it when people are friendly to each other. I mean, come on, it’s crochet! And so I have removed myself from the Flight of Fancy-Facebook group. Let’s say I just didn’t like the way how people were treated who asked ordinary questions, people like myself. Frogging flowersI am so p…sed off that I started to frog all the sixteen flowers I made. Right,  ‘nough said about the matter. Let’s focus on fun stuff. Fun stuff like bags.
Now, the Bagalong-group, for example, is great. Such friendly people, and there is so much talent and inspiration in that group! I think Kathryn did a wonderful job with the design of her big bag and the idea of sharing the pattern in a bagalong, and so many people joined in. Dania OlsenSo many beautiful bags were added to the group, like this one, made by Dania Olsen (thanks, Dania, for your permission). I really love those soft colours. As I want to make one for our livingroom I too want to make one in quiet and muted colours. Bagalong with DaanSo my bag will be in six two colours. I am nearly done, it only needs a lining, but I think I need my Mother for that (she’s the sewing expert).First bag everMaking bags is not only fun, it is also a useful product. One of the first items I made when I learned how to crochet was a bag. When I look at it now I think holy crap (pardon my French), that bag is crap. But hey, I was learning. I have only used a couple of times. You should see the lining, made of K’s old shirt. The idea of the bag was okay, the accomplishment wasn’t ….Summer bag cottonI also made a Summer bag, with cotton. My o my … I removed the strap later and now use this bag as a cushion cover … But the wooden buttons are nice, don’t you think?Ocean Blue-bagAnd now I am working on a new bag, my own design. You already had a sneak preview  here. A design I have been thinking about for weeks, but I didn’t have the time to start it. I think about it while in bed, yes, it literally keeps me awake. In my mind I see the bag in use, big enough for a book, a mobile phone, a cheese-sandwich and a purse. And there is also space for a ball of yarn and a crochet hook, of course.IMG_1985I am making this bag with Cygnet Superwash DK. It’s the first time I crochet with this yarn and I like it a lot. I also really love the colours of that range. For this bag I use five colours:
** White ** Navy ** Blueberry ** Bluebell ** Denim **
Ocean Blue-bagI’ll promise to make a tutorial of this bag, for free, and anyone can join. No negativity, just lots of fun and a bag at the end. And you can ask me any question you like.


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6 Responses to Bags and shawls and a bag ….

  1. I’d join you. Bags are fun. 🙂

  2. I love the shades of blue. I shall look forward to seeing the finished bag 🙂

  3. nanacathy2 says:

    I never made a crochet bag,maybe the time has come. Love your colours

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