A creative mess

Desk People say that messy people are creative people. I am not sure about that, but I think it can be true. In my case it sure is. Look at the state of my desk. I am doing ten times at the same time, and when I want to do something I suddenly remember I had to do something else. And then I forget what I wanted to do first. Do you recognize this, or is it just me being chaotic?
JournalMy planner is nowadays more closed than open, which is weird as I have lots of stuff to write down. Because I can’t afford to forget it. Shock horror, I have counted five, no six, agenda’s in my room. I really should use them more often. When I still had an office job, I used my agenda (in The Netherlands we call these ‘Filofaxes’ agenda) a lot, but now, working from home it is different. I work with notes. Pieces of paper that can go missing, but believe it or not, they never ever do! Agenda's I know I have also a smaller agenda somewhere, a Succes Junior, but I don’t know where it is. Now how the heck did that happen? I have a very soft spot for leather agenda’s especially the ones ‘made’ of crocodile leather. You know by know that I do love animals, but crocodiles are not on that list. But I do like their skin. In my opinion crocodiles are mean and only good for one purpose. Leather bags. And leather agenda’s. So, basically they’re good for two things, sorry.Sticky notesI have a small addiction for paper, I just love, love lovely stationary. It’s a girls thing, I think. These sticky notes were on sale for only 69 cents at the drugstore and I had to have them. I am also very fond of stickers. Stickers brighten up the place, or in this case, a journal. What I also do is cutting out nice photos I see in old magazines to glue in my journal. Lately I haven’t done that a lot, as I was too occupied with the soon-to-be-opened-business and other important issues like cutting peony’s in the garden.Peony and PippiPipIn my study it can be hard to throw things away. As you can see I am not to blame here. While writing this Pippi is now fast asleep and snoring. PeonyRight, I’d better get on with it. No, wait. First it’s time for a cappuccino and a sniff at the peony. It smells so good and sweet! Isn’t that rose pretty, ánd enormous? I have measured the flower, it’s 16 cm in diameter. Wow.Bagalong and cappuccinoAnd a bit of crochet I also need to do. Just one row and then I start tidying up. Promised.


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9 Responses to A creative mess

  1. Afraid to say your desk looks tidy compared to mine! Though I used to be tidier when I was at work.

  2. Hmm, glad I’m not the only creative person around here! I share my space with a messy teen but I can’t give her all the blame :-). Your cat looks gorgeous sitting in the bin. X

  3. If you can still see some of the top of your desk, it has not hit the critical messy stage yet!

  4. notewords says:

    An untidy desk is a sign of genius! 😉

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