Time for cherries

My riding-lesson this morning went crap, I wobbled on Mareina from left to right, and felt very, very insecure and very nervous. I can be such a chicken sometimes. The thing is, Mareina should do want I tell/order her to do, but I am too sweet for her. I always think I’ll hurt her, which is not the case. I am sure next week goes better. Absolutely.CherriesOn my way home I made a stop at one of the cherry orchards along the road.  We have many of them this area, as I live in the fruit-area of The Netherlands. The saleslady gave me a cherry to try, mjummy it was, and I bought two boxes. CherriesA sweet treat. She also had strawberries, but the cherries were enough for today. As our household has only two people, we have to eat them together. Don’t worry, we manage.
BagalongBack home it was time for some lunch and for some serious hooky-business, outside in the garden. Although it was sunny it was also windy. But I just had to sit outside. I am now working on my second square for the BIG BAG bagalong, with my tweed yarn. I’ll make the bottom in just the one colour, in blue, I think, as you can’t see the bottom anyway. Tweedgaren PicmTweed yarnBut I also have red and yellow tweed yarn left. Don’t know what to do yet but I think the blue is going to win.
My other bag, my own design, also got some attention today. As I use navy blue and other shades of blue, it easier to work on this one during the day, with proper daylight.
Ocean Blue-bagI am must say, I am really pleased how this one comes together, and the funny thing is that I don’t know yet how it ends. Yet, that is.


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