CAL’s and Roses

RosesRoseYes, the roses are blooming. This means Summer has started, with warmth and lots of sunny days. So I won’t tell you it’s raining right now. But it is not cold! And just look at the roses, how fabulous they are. I cut one rosebud and put in inside and look what happened. An explosion of beautiness. Roses HollyhockI took these pics with my mobile, so there are not the best photos, sorry. But aren’t the colours vibrant and luscious? What about the hollyhock (stokroos), pretty isn’t it? StokrozenSix (or is it seven?) years ago, when we moved in into our house we had lots of hollyhocks in front of the house. They looked amazing, don’t you think?
This week I have been busy with the soon to be opened business. It is so much fun to work on it, and I even like doing the bookkeeping. Well, kind of. I have also been busy with selling yarn, yarn I didn’t use anymore. I’ve sold forty balls of yarn. Yes, 40! There is a Dutch group on Facebook where you can sell your yarn, or if you miss one ball for your current WiP, you might find it here. I am very happy I found that group.
Yarn is not the only thing I have sold this week as I have also sold a dress and a pair of shoes. Yes, I am on a roll here. Getting rid of stuff you don’t really need makes your head feel lighter. Really, it does.Bagalong3It was also a week with crochet. I am participating in two CAL’s at the moment. The first one is the Bagalong from Crafternoon Treats, designed by the talented and lovely Kathryn. It’s a big bag and you can use it for all sorts of purposes like your knitting and crochet projects. I’d already started one with a double strand but that caused problems with my hands and fingers. It was too tight and it was painful to my fingers. So I frogged that one. Now I’ll make one with some proper chunky, but I have to wait for some chunky yarn to arrive (it’s all for the business, you know!). Meanwhile I work on the other CAL.
Flight of FancyMy second CAL is the Flight of Fancy-shawl by Annelies Baes. You can find the instructions for the shawl on Facebook, both in English and in Dutch. Flight of FancyIt’s a lovely pattern, it’s a shawl with flowers, and they are easy to make. As I have more than enough cotton I decided to make two shawls, one in pink and one in blue and green. The flower on the right, with the mint in the center, didn’t make it after all. Flight of Fancy blockingFlight of Fancy 1st roundI didn’t like the mint, so I replaced the mint for ecru. So much better. Anyway, I see I have some ends to darn in.

Have a nice weekend!

Ed. to add: According to K it has been eight years ago we moved in …

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3 Responses to CAL’s and Roses

  1. Crafty Di says:

    You are so productive….(puts me to shame) love those colours too. x

  2. corine24 says:

    Thank you, Di!

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