New days

Sadle of MareinaI have kind of lost my temporary part-time job, which is fine, but it takes some adjustments to my new daily schedule. And even when this means less no money I’ve decided to reserve Wednesday-morning for a horseback riding lesson. Ow yes. Those thirty minutes of utter joy and horse-love are mine. This week I had a bit of practice indoors on lovely Mareina and then my teacher took us outside for a little walk. I love riding outside. One day, when I am filthy rich have my own horses (a horse is herd animal, so that is a very good excuse to own more than one horse) I’ll go out every day with my horses. When the weather is nice, of course. When it’s pouring outside I stay indoors with my hook and yarn.
Not having that part-time job anymore doesn’t mean I am bored, on the contrary, I am busy. It means I can spend more hours to the business, and yes, we’re nearly open.
blanket Cygnet DKThere is also more time for some serious hooky-business. I’ve finished my blanket, the one made with Cygnet DK, in seven colours. I really enjoyed working on that one, it went pretty fast and the colours are yummy. Just the way I like them. This blanket deserves a proper Finished!-post, and it’ll get one. Yesterday was a lovely day and I took lots of photos in the garden. As you can see the grass needs some mowing (according to K) but I happen to like daisies a lot. So before K got the chance to kill all of these cuties I had a photo shoot with my blanket.
BagalongBagalong2Something else I started is a granny square bag. I am participating in the Bagalong, hosted and organized by the lovely Kathryn of Crafternoon Treats. You can read everything about it on her blog and there is a special Facebook group. Bagalong3I make mine with two strands so that I get a very firm bag and I am only using two colours. Although it’s a fast project, but when using two strands it make my fingers sore, so I might start another bag (attempt no. 3) with just one strand.
Do join us and make a bag!


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2 Responses to New days

  1. It sounds great, I have just been over and had a look. I would love to join in but I don’t really have the time at the moment but I am very tempted as I need to make some project bags 😉

  2. corine24 says:

    We can never have too many bags. 🙂

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