Less Sophie, more Lima

Sophies first roundsAh yes, the Sophie. Well, here’s an update. It’s not working. My Sophie isn’t working and it is just not only the yarn I use.Β  About that yarn, when working on Sophie I noticed that crocheting with cotton is not going smoothly. The cotton I am using is not soft enough to work with on this particular project. No, not for this blanket anyway. It’s too sturdy. So, on to Plan B. And Plan B involves acrylic yarn. Which I have, so that issue is solved. yarn stash(Now, when looking at the pic above, please don’t be shocked as it looks like I have a lot of yarn, but I am re-organising all of my yarn. So it looks a lot more than in real life. Really. It’s not that I am a yarnaholic, or something like that.)
ANyway, I look at the pattern. I sigh. Deeply. As I said before, the pattern is amazing. A true work of art. But … it’s just not my kind of pattern, I’m afraid. I am sorry, I really am, but it is just all a bit too much for me. Even when using only a few colours I find the pattern too overwhelming. Some stitches I really want to try though, like those oh so pretty roses. But I guess I am just the ripple kind of person, the ordinary granny square type. What can you do about it?
Right, let’s talk about Plan C: breaking up with Sophie. For now that is. We might get back together later.LimaI have decided to make another blanket, a blanket with rows and/or granny’s and (maybe) I’ll try some of Sophies stitches. When I look on the internet I see Lanas de Ana’s fantasy blanket. Do have a look, it’s lovely. I have used some of here stitches in a blanket (my first) before and I’ve decided to make my own -kind of- fantasy blanket. A few stitches from her and a few of my own. Plus I can now use stitches from my recently purchased book. Yes, this blanket is perfect to try these.
I am using my Drops Lima for this project, so it’s going to be a smaller blanket than I am used to, as there aren’t a lot of meters on these balls of yarn.
LimaI case you’re wondering which colours I am using, they are:
3145 Powder pink
4305 Dark blue
8112 Ice blue
7219 Pistachio
0100 Naturel
0206 Light beige mix
6235 Grey blue
7810 Mossgreen
IMG_1830Love, love, love these colours. I wasn’t sure about the pink at first, but it looks perfect with the other shades.IMG_1826Have a nice weekend!


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9 Responses to Less Sophie, more Lima

  1. Not shocked at, just fallen in love with your yarn stash, I found myself peering at the screen to look at all the gorgeous colours, I wanted to plunge my hands in and squish the yarn πŸ™‚ (I’m not crazy, honestly!!) Your lima colours are great, so soft and relaxing. x

  2. friggja says:

    Lovely colors! And hey, nothing wrong with being a yarnophile πŸ˜‰

  3. pamsyarns says:

    Yes, I think those colours look great. Like you, I prefer to work with more muted shades and only occasionally branch out into something more vibrant.

  4. The Fantasy blanket is going to be stunning. (I love blankets that are like samplers of different stitches in all sorts of luscious colours.) Those shades of Drops Lima look good enough to eat… This is going to be a real heirloom blanket. πŸ™‚

    (By the way, thank you so much for the comment you left about my missing blog post. I was starting to draft the pesky bag pattern late last night and I accidentally hit ‘publish’. Aaagh! Cue five frantic minutes of deleting everything from social media etc. But the one thing I couldn’t do was to pull back the emails that automatically went out. Apologies for the inconvenience.)

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