Back in the sadle again …

Riding bootsAbout fours years ago I met friend M when I was looking for someone who could teach me how to horseback ride. It was something I wanted to try for years, horseback riding, and when I moved to the village I knew this was the chance. In those days there was a woman living in our street who walked her horse and pony’s every day to the meadow at the end/beginning of our street. I wanted to ask her if she might could teach me but she was always so unfriendly to me, never said ‘hello’ back to me when I greeted her, that I didn’t even bother. Luckily I met M and at her place I had my first lessons. I was so nervous that first time and I thought: I’ll love this or I’ll hate this. I absolutely loved it. I discovered you can fall in love with a horse. That night after the first lesson I couldn’t sleep of excitement. And in bed I still felt the movement of the horse … (anyone recognizing this??).Rover                                                                           ♥ Rover, 2011
Schanulleke en Corine                                                                      ♥ Schanulleke, 2012
When I started with horseback riding I was on a long sick leave, and I had discussed it with my doctor to do something that would make me feel better. She said that starting with horseback riding was an excellent idea. If this would make me feel better it would help me to get back on track. And it did work.
Phantom                                                                        Phantom, 2013Limit                                                                          Limit, 2013
Although I loved riding at M’s place I also wanted to try some riding lessons at a riding school. I wanted to ride on other horses, too. So I did and I rode on Limit, Phantom and Mareina. Such lovely horses and also so much (well, a bit) bigger than Schanulleke. Oh my, they were huge! I needed to overcome some serious anxiety here, pfff …. but then I stopped riding, for nearly two whole years. I had to stop because I couldn’t afford it any longer and there was too much going in my life. Life got in the way.Limit 2And then, three weeks ago, my cousin died. He lived life to the fullest and it made me, once again, realise that life is fragile and sometimes very short. It was that wake-up call I needed. Don’t wait with doing things that you truly, madly love and what makes you feel happy.
Mareina                                                                           ♥ Mareina, 2015
I had to start riding again. I think if I waited any longer I wouldn’t dare anymore. Riding bootsSo I dusted off my rubber riding boots, removed some spider cobs from the inside (unknown species were living in my boots, I kid you not), grabbed my cap (ALWAYS, I repeat ALWAYS wear a cap) and brushes and drove to the riding school.Mareina, good girlMareina  Ooww …. I do  the smell of horse manure. And I Mareina too …

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4 Responses to Back in the sadle again …

  1. How great you have been able to get back in the saddle. There is something so magnificent about horses!

  2. pamsyarns says:

    So right! Don’t put things off – the right time may never come. Well done for grabbing the experience.

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