Sophie’s Universe

People who love to crochet probably have heard of Sophie’s Universe CAL. CAL means Crochet ALong. Every week, or every two weeks, you’ll get new stitches for your blanket. Sophie is a stunning square blanket that grows every week. On Dedri’s page you can read weekly what to crochet next, with clear pictures. To be honest, I am not really into that CAL. I’ve seen some of the finished ones and I wasn’t really enjoying them, and at first I didn’t realise why. The pattern is amazing, really, it is. And I really enjoy to learn new stitches and to improve my crochet skills. I still consider myself as a beginner, well, maybe an advanced beginner. So it had to do with something else, and then it hit me: it had to do with the colours. Yes, of course, that was it. I didn’t like the bright colours I had seen. It made the blanket too busy, too vociferously (I had to check for this word at Interglot), just too much for my taste. You know me by now, the words bright and colours in one sentence, that is just not my thing.
LoopsanBut then I saw this Sophie made by the talented San, who writes the blog Loopsan.  O. M. G. That is so pretty! These colours … O.M.G. all over again. And she is only using four colours. Four very pretty colours. (I have contacted San to ask her for permission to show you the photo and she said yes. Thank you, San!) When you click here you’ll see all of here CAL’s pictures.
Now I wanted to start IMMEDIATELY with my own Sophie. Yarn SophieUsing green, beige and white, and cream, grey-ish blue and light blue. Ow, and maybe, maybe some denim. I had reserved this yarn for another CAL, the one that starts on June the 10th, called The Flight of Fancy, by Scheepjes. Well, choices have to be made. I might not make my Sophie as big as the original one, I’ll just have to see how far I get with the yarn I have.
Now, San has also made something else int the same colours as here Sophie, a Garden of Roses, she made it with the Sophie-leftovers. And to be honest, I like that granny square  even more. It has a calmer pattern (read: I can do this) and I love, love, love these roses.wip tulipsWhite tulipsI my own blankets I have used tulips here and there, but these roses are so pretty, I have to use them some day.
My first attempt to start the Sophie square failed miserably and I frogged it. I should have taken a pic of it, but I was so angry with myself that after two rows I already scr…d up, I didn’t. There are some stitches in this blanket that are completely new to me, like the fpdc/fpsc. Pffft ….. I don’t think I can do this. It is too complicated. And there she is, the old insecure, with no self-confidence what so-ever Corine is loudly knocking on the door. I kick her out and I breath in, breath out and breath in. It is not a contest, you know, you want to learn something new, I tell myself. You probably not get it right the first time, and that is OKAY. Right, let’s try again ….
Sophies first roundsHey, look! A flower!

To be continued (well, maybe …)

PS: Have a look at a real flower, one of our Columbines. Isn’t it pretty, with the two colours?Columbine



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9 Responses to Sophie’s Universe

  1. pamsyarns says:

    Love your choice of colours. Thanks for explaining CAL – wasn’t really sure till I read your explanation!

  2. The choice of colors can rally make all the difference. I can’t wait to see how yours turns out.

  3. susiein22 says:

    I really like the pattern and colors.

  4. I have so many wips that I didn’t join in with Sophie. I have like the sophies I have seen but this one is just so different and I think the colours suit the business of the pattern so well. I have just looked at the flight of fancy cal and am tempted to join in! I hate frogging, avoid it if I can, hang in there, you are great at crochet and every new stitch is just another way of twiddling that yarn about!

    • corine24 says:

      I might give up on Sophie, though, we don’t get along, I’m afraid … I ‘ve already started another blanket … 🙂

      • Oh dear, it is certainly a very busy pattern. I shall be interested to see your new blanket pattern. I am nearly at the end of my baby blanket and I’m itching to start on the next blanket 🙂

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