After the hail

Garden We had some serious hailstones dropping from the sky last night. I didn’t take any photos of it as I was all nice cuddled up on/in my bed with my latest crochet project. Basically, I was too lazy to get up to get my camera downstairs. DaanDaanPlus I didn’t wanted to wake up Daan who more than once sabotaged my attempt to work on my blanket.
What I do like is that after all that rain the garden looks refreshed. I must say, it needed some sediment. This morning I spotted some sunshine so I took my camera and walked into the garden. Columbine2Columbine1It’s now filled with Columbine, which I so love. Every year I save the seeds and throw them all over the place, so we get more and more columbines. And I never know which colours they get, it’s every year a surprise. ColumbineSome of them have now two colours in one flower. So pretty.BeeThere was a busy bee that wouldn’t stay put. He flew from flower to flower, very, very busy with doing his bee-business. I love bees, don’t you? They are funny little creatures, I think. Passion flower1Passionflower2The biggest discovery during this ‘walk’ were the passion flowers. Are these amazing, or what? And they are so big! I love that beautiful vibrant lilac-purple colour, it’s absolutely stunning.IMG_1756IMG_1754ArbourEarly in Spring, when it’s too chilly to sit on the terrace, it’s often warm enough to sit in our arbour. Away from the wind, we have Sunday morning breakfast in here.BasketAahh, look at our re-filled flower basket. The petunia’s are very grateful for some water. Lovely they are.
cottonAnyway, must move on now. I have some yarn in a basket, you see, cotton this time. And a crochet hook. You know what I mean, don’t you?



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6 Responses to After the hail

  1. I love all the flowers in your garden glad the hail didn’t damage them! But I think your ‘passion flower’ is actually a clematis: possibly this one – called multi blue –

  2. Your arbor looks like a wonderful place to relax surrounded by all those beautiful flowers. I’m glad the hail didn’t damage the plants. 🙂

  3. pamsyarns says:

    What a lovely post! Such a charming arbour too. Sadly the hail reached us and our tomato plants ( which we’d only just put outside) suffered rather. Fingers crossed they’ll recover. Love the yarn colours.

  4. pollymacleod says:

    Your garden looks gorgeous, the passion flowers are spectacular, love the arbor, and your cat is cute. Cats are so good at relaxing.

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