Garden beauty

I took these photos last weekend. We had some sunshine and worked in the garden.daisiesVegetable garden I love home-grown vegetables, so we cleared out the weed from the vegetable garden. There was one flower that was allowed to stay: a poppy. Hopefully we’ll have some fresh tomatoes and lettuce this season! SnailMust get rid of some unwanted visitors though …LaundryLilacI love the Lilac, it never disappoints.DaanDaan, silly cat. IMG_1666ColumbineColumbine I love Columbine, every year it grows somewhere in the garden. And every year we have more of these pretty flowers in all sorts of colours.IMG_1687IMG_1688 I love the tiny flowers we added in this basket. They are doing well.

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4 Responses to Garden beauty

  1. Such beautiful flowers and colours. I love lilac too, so pretty. Your cat looks so contented :-).

  2. corine24 says:

    My cat is a nutcase, really, he is … 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing the photographs. I can just imagine them all. Love the smell of lilac.

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