Just an ordinary week …

It was a weird week, this week. It was a week with some devastating, sad news. A cousin of mine died, way too young. It made me so angry when I heard this news. I always considered him as my favourite cousin (and I have many), because we got along so well. When I was in my twenties we always bumped in to each other at some pub, we both have worked on ships -he for the navy, I myself at cruise-vessels- and both we were rather odd and idiosyncratic, I think. Well, I still am, I must confess. Trying to tie us down didn’t work. What we also had in common was that we didn’t always make the right choices. But hey, you learn  from that and it makes you stronger.
It was also a week with laughter, as I watched my Dad dancing with a nurse in the nursing home. She said: “Come on L., let’s dance.” And she pulled him out of his chair and danced with him. He had tears of joy on his cheeks. Silly nurse. Bless her.Cygnet blanketA week that also involved working on my two new blankets. When I crochet I think about everything and nothing, do you have the same? I have that also when I am ironing something, about once every six months (no, I don’t iron my man’s shirts, he has two hands himself) or so. My thoughts can bring me everywhere. Thoughts about the business K and I am starting up, which means a lot of work. If everything goes according to plan we start within two months. I am so excited to start this adventure! breakfastAt Sunday we had some lovely weather on this side of the pond. It was warm enough to stay outside all day long.  Cygnet blanketBreakfast outside, some pondering in the garden and many hours spend on crochet. My basket filled with fresh balls of yarn, yarn to be turned into a cozy blanket.ShellsThe inspiration for this particular blanket comes from -yes, again- the film “Something’s gotta give“. The colours of The Hamptons. Long Island. The sea and beach. And seashells. I absolute love those soft pink and naturel colours. Nature at its best.Cygnet blanketThe blanket is my own design, and a bit of K’s, as he started to interfere, tut tut … Well, I better get on with it then.


                                                 ♥ A., mag jou siel in vrede rus ♥

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5 Responses to Just an ordinary week …

  1. notewords says:

    Sorry to hear about your cousin. It’s always hard to lose a kindred spirit.
    I find handwork does do that. A sort of restful busyness. Unless you’re wrestling with a tricky pattern…

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your cousin, it always seems so much harder when they are young, I felt the same way when Dad died suddenly last year, 65 felt too young and too soon. Hugs, Sharon xx

  3. Sorry to hear about your loss. I’m glad you got some outside crochet time. That is always good for the soul.

  4. I’m sorry for your loss. It sounds like you two had a real connection, and hopefully lots of happy memories.

    I also had to tell you how much I love the blanket, what gorgeous colours! I find that crochet will tend to even out my mood if I’m feeling negative emotions – definitely something to do with the thinking about anything and nothing. Hope it works for you through this rough time.

  5. corine24 says:

    Thank you, all, for your kind words!

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