Finished :: Giant Granny Square “Summer” !!

giant granny squareYes, it is finished, my Giant Granny Square called “Summer“! Its name is Summer as I have used many happy and bright Summery-colours, colours that are waaaay out of my comfort zone. Well, most colours are, like the yellow and the purple and the bright green. But some of the colours I rather enjoy: the soft pink, the cream-white and the lavender.
Af IMG_1610The constant factor in this blanket is that after seven rows of colours I add a row of white or cream-white. And every row is in one colour only, so that needed some planning and counting. I hate it when I run out of yarn ten centimeters before ‘the finish’.  For this granny I used a 5 mm hook and quite a variety of yarns which means variety in thickness, brands,  structure and colours. Af IMG_1614As mentioned in an earlier post I turned the blanket after every row. This prevents the blanket from twisting.The blanket measures 165 x 165 cm (that is almost 65 x 65 inches), weighs 1520 kilograms and has 73 rows. This is without the edging.
I must say, I am glad to have it finished as I have new ideas in my head already for other blankets. You know by now that these bright colours are not really my style, which means this blanket is for sale. It wouldn’t fit in our house anyway, as we have a different ‘palet’ of colours. So I hope this blanket finds a new happy home soon!bird poopWhile I was waiting for some better weather, it rained yesterday, I had a closer look at my window. I think we have some very, very big birds in our village. Or at least they have a massive poop hole (is that proper English?). Well, there is not going to be a photo session in front of that window, I can tell you. No, but I had a better place in mind: in front of the blossoming apple tree and cherry tree. giant granny squareLast year we had our first three cherries, I hope this year we double that amount.
As I wasn’t done with taking pics in the garden I cleaned the bench and draped my precious Summer-blanket all over it. Right, now I can finally say Ta-daaaaahhhh!!!, don’t you think?
Af IMG_1620Ta-daaaaaahhhh!!!
I don’t think one photo is enough, peeps, of course it is not. You do want to see more, don’t you? Please say yes. Olritiden, one more.
Af IMG_1624Here it is, my blanket, very casual in the garden. While taking these photos I discovered some very pretty tulips.
tulipIsn’t that a pretty one? I had forgotten which tulip bulbs I had planted so a surprise this discovery was.
tulipWell, that’s all I can tell you now about the blanket. Ta-ra, have a nice day!


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12 Responses to Finished :: Giant Granny Square “Summer” !!

  1. What a pretty, cosy blanket!

  2. friggja says:

    The colors are lovely, I like the bright ones 😉 and haha, big poop holes.

  3. Wilma says:


  4. nanacathy2 says:

    I think the summer blanket is utterly gorgeous and I love the colours. I shall now have to closely examine the one I am making to see if I have to skewed square. Can’t wait to see a picture of the bird!

  5. TracyBzz says:

    Lovely blanket, it will suit someonés colour tastes. Pretty tulips and cute kitty bum, too bad he didn’t turn around. But cats are not know for their cooperation now are they?

  6. Margie says:

    I’, not quite sure what you mean by ‘turn the blanket’ can you explain please. Beautiful blanket by the way. X

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