Wubbo, the catThe last couple of months I had a part-time voluntary job at friend M’s daycare-centre. In brief, this is a daycare-centre for adults with serious psychiatric and mental health  problems.  Believe me when I say it is not always the easiest audience to work with. There are just a few clients every day who gets lots of attention.There are a couple of gentlemen, and a couple of ladies, all with their own discomforts.
baby rabbit I know her for about four years know, this lady, lets call her lady A, who comes twice a week at the daycare centre at friend M’s house. I can’t tell you much about lady A’s personal history due to privacy-issues, but what I can tell is that she is very limited in her skills. She has poor eyesight and she needs a hand -literally- when you bring her to her seat. DustinhorsesLady A likes to watch M’s horses (who broke out this morning, naughty little rascals), as in her childhood her Dad owned horses. And she also likes to watch M and me crocheting (and knitting, duh …), she pets the cats, and the baby rabbits, now three weeks old.SAMSUNGThat afternoon I taught another client, lady B, how to make a basic granny square. I had so much fun teaching her, and to see that she was proud at her efforts. Years ago she knew how to crochet, but her illness made her forget how to do it. But it’s coming back slowly with a bit of help from M and me. She even took her new-made granny square home with her so she could continue to practice (I should have taken a photo of it, she did a great job!). It also reminded me how I learned to make my very first granny square myself and how cool it is to learn a new skill.
Stylecraft middle squareWhen M brought lady B back home I kept lady A company while I crocheted on my new blanket. We sat outside in the sun, and had discussed the weather already about ten times (this is a normal conversation). And then, out of the blue, she asked: “Can I try it?” I couldn’t believe what I heard. Flabbergasted I was, absolutely gobsmacked.
Can . I . Try . It?
Yes, of course you can! I knew this would be hard, but together we kind of managed to make three and a half trebles. Then she gave up. She smiled.
The rest of the day I keep hearing this question over and over again. “Can I try it?” Lady A, you’ve completely and utterly surprised me positively today.
"Yes, I know how to open the gate"                                             “Yes, I know how to open the gate.”

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8 Responses to Gobsmacked

  1. What a lovely story 🙂 if it’s not too strange, I’d like to thank you for not giving up on her and for having the patience – that probably meant the world to her. Cute bunnies, too!! Mine is 5 months old now and huge!!

  2. Dad says:

    I love your comments and especially this one, because I happen to know those lovely people, Lady A included, very well.

  3. Sharon - says:

    What a special place to volunteer and what a privilege to be given the skill and patience to help these people. X

  4. corine24 says:

    Thank you, Sharon!

  5. Lovely story. I really enjoyed reading – thanks for sharing. 🙂

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