A bit of shopping

Windy flowerOn a windy yet sunny (the flower wouldn’t sit still) Wednesday morning friend M and I took the ferry to the other side of the river for some serious budget yarn-shopping. I was hoping to find some green  Fenna-yarn and M wanted to know where to find the Wibra, the shop that sells Fenna.Fenna yarn greenSo I took here there. No such luck with the Fenna-yarn that morning, but I did get some wooden needles (crooked) and M bought her first knitting-needles. Now, I had a list. So, on we went, on to the next shop, where we both bought a book. Yes, a book indeed. The reason for me getting over the childhood-knitting-trauma is Fair Isle, you see, I love that. Fair isle bookI so love these patterns, I really want to learn how to do this. That is also the reason I bought this lovely book by Mary Jane Mucklestone and the latest edition of Simply Breien (breien is the Dutch word for knitting). I usually don’t by magazines of crochet or knitting as there are so many free patterns on the internet. Yes, I know, I am not helping the economy here, sorry about that. But this time I permitted myself to buy SB as it has a pattern for a pretty jumper with a fair isle-motive in it. And a pattern for a skirt. The British version of SK varies from the Dutch version, I’ve noticed when I got back home and started to read the magazine. I miss those cute stylish baskets, bags, jar covers and pin cushions in my mag that the English SK has. Ah well, maybe next time.
M bought a knitting-for-beginners-book that I really must read, too, so yes, we did support the local community today.
BirdSomething else I purchased was this little crochet-bird-to-be, for only €1,99. I must admit, I only bought it for the pattern inside as I want to make one with other colours. And look, it’s from the same designer as my big coffee-mug, Jet ter Steege. I do enjoy her style.Jumper SKWhat I also could not resist were those fab pink knitting needles! Pink! I mean, how cute are these?? Very, I must say.
fair isle and PippiAfter a coffee outside on the terrace in the sunshine we headed back to the ferry. We almost ‘blew out of our textiles’ as we say over here (that is a bit Louis van Gaal-ish). Màn, that wind!


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4 Responses to A bit of shopping

  1. Sharon - says:

    Windy here in England too. Have fun with the fair-isle, you are very adventurous to be trying it! Sharon x

  2. Anne Marie says:

    I love your new wool. Can you get it in the UK? The best of luck with your Fairisle project. I have a picture of me in a jumper that my mum made for me when I was 16 (a hundred or more so years ago!) I still have the pattern and would for someone to make it for me, it is only fairisle on the yoke.

  3. corine24 says:

    Thank you, Anne Marie.

    I don’t know if you can get Fenna-yarn in the UK. Something similar is called Alize yarn, I think.

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