Giant Granny Square “Summer”-progress

restjes garenMy Giant Granny Square-blanket is growing and growing which means I need more and more yarn for every row. It also means I have now lots of bits and bobs and these b&b’s are not enough for a single row any longer. So what I can do is ::
A – By more yarn
B – Crochet/knit (!) cover with these bits.
Now, A is clearly not an option but B is, so a cushion cover it is going to be, with tiny granny squares, I think. Someday. Or maybe I can use it to practice my knitting. You see, enough options.
yarn IMG_1550 The yarn in the bag is all I have left now for the blanket, plus a few balls on the bottom. Before I start with a ball of yarn I already have used, I weigh it. And when the row is finished I weigh that ball again. This way I know roughly how much yarn I need for the next row. That light orange in the top pic, for example, is not enough for a row. Too bad, as I do like that colour.
giant granny square SummerAn advantage about me not being so tall is that the blanket is covering me entirely when working on it on the couch. Lovely and warm as the evenings are still chilly. I call this giant granny square “Summer”, but it is not acting like its name yet. Today is a not so warm day, which is a pity as it is a bank holiday ’cause it is Koningsdag in The Netherlands. Kings day. It is the birthday of our king, Willem-Alexander, you see.
                                        x x x Happy B’day, WimLex! x x x
granny squareOne thing that is not making me very happy is my arm. Or to be exact: both arms, and hands. They are killing me when I crochet or type. Not good. Not good indeed. I really need to slow down a bit as I just can’t permit myself to get injured. Typing hurts, too. Bummer. Maybe I should knit more often instead of crochet, do you think that might help? Instead of painkillers, I don’t want to take?
Stylecraft bed blanketWhat does helps is planning a new blanket (yeah right). I still have a cradle full of Stylecraft and for a while I had no idea what to do make with it. But now I know and I have a destination for these lovely colours. A nine-coloured blanket, ooow … I can already see it on my bed! Yes, I can! Tell you more about it later. Maybe I should already start with it.
The ripple, you ask? Yes , I’m also still working on that one …

Really, I Really Do Not have the time for sore arms and hands. *  Sigh   *

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4 Responses to Giant Granny Square “Summer”-progress

  1. My hands are hurting too at present. You do need to be careful if things hurt. In the past I did find that if knitting hurt my hands I would switch to crochet to give the knitting muscles a rest and if crochetting hurt I would switch to knitting.

  2. Sharon - says:

    It’s looking great. I do hope your hand and arms improve, it is so frustrating to have to take a break just when the end is in sight! Take care. Sharon x

  3. corine24 says:

    Thank you, Sharon!

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