To Knit or not To Knit …

Yes, I am knitting. I confess. My family members can’t stop laughing about this, I know this as I can hear them, even when they are many miles away. I have always thought the knitting-gene skipped a generation or dissolved in my Mum’s womb when I was still in there, but apparently it is still here. I am not kidding when I say I really hated knitting as a child. I rather did the dishes. When I think of it, maybe I was way too young to knit. I should have learned it in my teens.
But it is also funny that you do remember those skills of a row of 1 knit, 1 purl, after all these years. And now I enjoy it. Excuse me???? Enjoy, you said? Yes, that is exactly what I said.knittingknittingNow, I know I still need some practice as I don’t understand why I get a flat first row, even when I knit that first row knit (must get used to the English knitting-terms). Maybe I should pay my mother a visit soon, for some private lessons ….
However, after several tries I decided it was time for a proper project. I had these two balls of Drops Fabel Lavender and I didn’t know what to make with it, but now I know and I can use it for some knitting. I love how these colours in one ball match together and how they turn out on the knitting-needle. It gives a bit the look of a fair isle pattern, which I am so fond of. The reason why I started to knit in the first place.knittingI think this is going to be a shawl. Or something else. What I really want to make is a skirt, of course. A skirt in lovely tweed, like the green on the above picture, or in pure wool. One I can wear during the Winter. That’s a good idea so I’ll have plenty of time to make one. And I want to knit a blanket, too. Yes, yes, very ambitious indeed.
M knittingHey look, I even got friend M starting to knit. She too had learned it as a child. Now, I couldn’t teach her how to start and how to cast on as she is left-handed and I am right-handed. Knitting left-handed is abracadabra to me.
Now, you might wonder if knitting is going to win from crochet. The answer is … nope. giant granny square That reminds me, I must finish my giant granny square. Doesn’t that one look very Summer-ish?

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2 Responses to To Knit or not To Knit …

  1. Sharon - says:

    Looks as though you are getting on really well! I have knit the pieces for one and a half budgies but I must confess I am not really enjoying it. It is just too slow! I am hoping to get them done but no plans for a skirt just yet this end! Your giant granny looks so fun. Sharon x

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