The K-word

When I was a child, 11, 12 years young, I had craft classes at school. We, the girls, learned how to sow, to embroidery and to knit. I loved the embroidery, that was fun. The knitting … naaahhh …. that was something else (Louis van Gaal would say: that is a different cook). And I wanted to do what the boys did: making fun things with a hammer and nails.
Back to the knitting, after finishing my embroidery assignment I had to knit and I decided to knit a doll. A ballerina. I hated it. Hated her. My Mum, who can knit anything, even while watching tv or with her eyes closed, forced me to knit 5 needles a day, which to me felt as a severe punishment. So I layed on the sofa trying to knit and to finish that da….^#@&%!! doll. I think I was the only child who could knit stretched out.
pipWhen I finally finished Lady Prima Ballerina, after a year of struggling, a lot of chagrin, bad words and fights with my Mum, my crafts-teacher asked me why my doll had her legs in plaster bandage.
‘Those are leg warmers ….,” I replied, totally in shock of her lack of ballerina-knowledge and non-artisic nature. I haven’t touch a knitting needle ever again. Until yesterday. Yes, I bought a pair of 4 mm knitting-needles. You see, this is totally Phil to blame, as she makes knitted a stunning skirt I’m head over heels in love with. And I really love, love, love fair isle knitting patterns. Or those comfy woolen jumpers with cable-patterns. So, after about 35 years I thought it was TiMe to get over my childhood-knitting-trauma.
knittingIt took me about fifteen minutes half an hour learn how to cast on stitches, with the help of YouTube. Hooray for YouTube. Not a grumpy teacher but a nice lady who explains patiently over and over again how I should do it. Just press the button on pause. And yes, several times I had to start all over again. And again. And again. Every time I had this ‘bridge’ as I pulled too hard. So I tried another way of casting on stitches, the version with the thumb and the finger. That worked so much better. Yay! Ow, if only my crafts teacher could see me now, she is probably rolling in her grave right now! Bless her. knittingThis looks already a bit like knitting, don’t you think? (please say yes) knittingI started with twelve stitches, then had ten, and two rows later I was back to twelve. Magic, real magic. On YouTube I came across an instruction movie where they gave the suggestion to use both needles for the starting-chain (yes, I have crochet terms in my head). knittingThis makes the first row less tight. Great idea that is, it was really helpful. Plus the fact I bought bigger needles (5mm) this morning and now use my tweed yarn.
Well, all I want now is a pair of wooden knitting needles as they are so much prettier than these metal ones. But first I need to crochet for a bit. There is only this much knitting I can handle in a day.

To be continued (although this is NOT a promise).

PS: Look at the blossom. Pretty, isn’t it?blossom

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8 Responses to The K-word

  1. Sharon - says:

    Great post! I’m glad I’m not the only one currently tackling a knitting phobia! It was budgies that got me going again, no crochet patterns that I liked. Also socks, have you seen all those gorgeous socks people are knitting, crochet socks just don’t look as good. Your knitting looks really neat, I’ll be waiting for the tada, I’ve finished my skirt post!! ;-). I wonder how many You Tube videos we will watch between us!? Sharon.

  2. Your knitting looks very good.

  3. What would we do without YouTube? That skirt made me ALMOST want to try to learn to knit, but I’m not quite ready yet.

  4. notewords says:

    We also had to do handwork at school. I once sewed my cross-stitch project to my uniform. I had to be cut loose…
    I find it very difficult to learn from people who are good at things – my mother, grandmother and aunt were all wonderful knitters. I only figured it out years later when I sat down on my own with a book, two needles and a ball of wool.

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