Slowing down

lammetjesI think I have being crocheting too much lately. Is that even possible? Well, last week, on Monday, I woke up with a very red and painful elbow. And both of my hands are sore, not only last week but they still are sore as we speak. Even typing gives me a tiny bit trouble. It doesn’t feel good. I think I need to slow down a bit with the hook and the yarn.dykeGive my arms and hand a rest. Go out more. Walk a bit. So that is what K and I did last week, when the evening was so gentle and mellow. When you follow the path on the photo you’ll reach the river, but we stayed on the dyke. I wanted to say hello to my new little friends, you see.lammetjeThe dyke behind our house is now so much fun as we now have sheep and little lambs walking and grazing. Ow, I absolutely adore lambs. I cannot get enough of these -way too – cute little animals.lammetjeThis two are naughty, both Mummy and child are sticking their tongue out to me … tut tut ….lammetjeIMG_1456 picm                                        “Drinking goes so much better on my knees.”
lammetje                                                        “Aren’t we the cutest?”
It’s a pity you can’t hear the funny noises they make. I think it’s hilarious.lammetje                                    “Is it any good what you have found?”
boomgaardWhen walking back, down the road, we passed the fruit orchard with other sheep. They are here every year but never had any lambs. Maybe this year? Hope so!
Soon these apple trees will filled with blossom. Such a pretty view that always is.
cuckoo flowerAnd look at this beauty, a cuckoo-flower (Pinksterbloem), one of my favourites, as it is so delicate. madeliefjesIsn’t Spring something?

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3 Responses to Slowing down

  1. Sorry to hear you are having pains in your hands and elbow. Hope it’s nothing serious.

  2. ak-ut says:

    sorry for you, too! my wrists and ellbows are bad since a few weeks now…shit happens, but i’ll try again and again. hope, you’ll getting better soon 🙂

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