More Big Blanket-fun

IMG_1433I’ve sorted out my yarn-room. Kind of. Which basically means I started another giant granny square blanket two days ago. Tut tut ….
Granny square yarnThis particular one is going to be in darker colours, colours like that luscious moss-green, chocolate brown, bordeaux, grape, mixed and dark grey and navy blue. A blanket for Autumn and Winter. I think like this blanket already more than I like the bright one. Ah well, some things just never change, I guess, like my preference for green.
IMG_1430 picmIMG_1431 picm I want every row to be in one colour only, I mean with this that I don’t attach another colour when’ll I ran out of yarn half way my row. With that rule it means I now have a basket filled with tiny bits of leftovers. Maybe it is enough to make mini-squares. A blanket for a doll, although I do not play with dolls anymore. Or I could make flowers with it and add them to the last rows.IMG_1432 picmI don’t think I have enough (!) stash-yarn to make the dark one as big as the colourful one, but I’ll see how far I get. I really don’t want to buy any extra (of course I want that, but it’s not allowed only in case of an emergency) yarn for project, as it is for me a use-all-the-yarn-you-have-in-the-house project.
IMG_1434The plan was to work only on these GGS-blankets at night, but I am already so hooked on them that I can’t leave them alone. I just háve to work on them. For a short while I’ve considered to add other stitches then trebles to this blanket, but then I realized this is an evening-blanket. I don’t want to count stitches or to read a pattern while watching/listening tv. So I’ll stick to the simple 3 trebles per space rhythm. Calming, relaxing and soothing crochet at night. Love that.


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7 Responses to More Big Blanket-fun

  1. I love the colours of both blankets but like you, I think I prefer the greens. I only the border left to do on my current blanket but I have the yarn for three more!! I love having a blanket to crochet for the evenings. Maybe I need to think about a stash busting blanket at some point! Sharon x

  2. corine24 says:

    Thank you, Sharon, love to see your blankets, too!


  3. I’m making a granny square bag at present. You are right about it being soothing. I am changing direction on every row as you suggested in your last post and it does seem to be staying square more easily.

  4. Carol D says:

    If you love doing blankets – check this one out. it’s a current CAL, but you can easily get all the parts and do it on your own…It’s been the MOST fun I’ve had doing crochet – and I’m learning new stitches and techniques with every part given!
    See Sophie’s Universe here:
    Each part comes with a photo-tutorial – so if you are unsure of your techniques – or just like to learn new stitches – or even if you know it all already – you’ll LOVE making Sophie!
    I started this Sophie journey as an Advanced Beginner – and have since been able to pick up far more advanced patterns and do them! Dedri Uys (designer who is doing this) is one of the nicest and most helpful teachers I’ve ever known!
    It’s awesome!

    • corine24 says:

      Hello Carol,

      Yes, I know about this blanket, it is a beauty. I am also a member of this FB-group, but I am too busy with other other blankets right now. I hope to start in the near future with the Sophie.

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