Reasons for a smile # 3 :: Big Blanket-fun

I want to start this post with a huge * *  Thank You * *Spring rippleA big thank you for the sweet, kind and lovely comments I had on my Spring Ripple Blanket. Not only on this blog but also on my Facebook-page and in the real world. So Thank You, I appreciate it so much.

Finishing th SRB means also that I have to start another one. I just cannot help it, I just love to make blankets. I have two blankets I am currently working on (well, four five to be honest), but these are rather dark and I can only work on them in daylight. So I need something a blanket on the side. A blanket that needs less concentration, that can be made while watching Grey’s Atanomy.
Nearly everyday I walk into my yarn-room and sigh. It’s a deep sigh, coming from my toes. Seriously, it does. There is so much yarn, it’s ridiculous, it is insane, it’s embarrassing.
A search for inspiration is needed. I start with Pinterest, and see lots of things I like. Big blankets (nice), complicated blankets (no, don’t have the patience for them right now), colourful blankets (colourful? again? hmmm, why not…), and stash-blankets (yes!).
Maybe I should make another Giant Granny Square, that is an option. I like this one, made by Haafner. Lovely it is. Or this one, by Priscilla Blain. And I absolutely love the colours of Sandra’s Cherry Heart blanket. That’s is most definitely my style. And like myself she too uses different types of yarn.
Another Giant Granny? Oow, why the heck not? I really do have plenty of yarn.Yarn in the bagAfter a bit of thinking and doubting I filled a bag with only pink shades but when looking at the photos of these talented ladies’ blankets, and a peek at my yarn, I decided to go all the way. Now my bag has not only pink, but also blue, green and even purple in it. About twenty colours and they are all pretty bright. Yes, bright.
Yarn GGSNow, there is still also enough yarn in my yarn-room/house to make a non-bright giant granny. Have a look at this “Hodge Podge”-blanket of Katie, she used darker colours for her granny and that immediately brings a smile to my face (plus the great weather we currently have helps too to smile).
(It is tempting, so very tempting to fill another bag with my leftover darker colours , for a second GGS. But I shouldn’t. Although ….)
GGS corner GGS1But first I must start with the colourful one. The plan is to make it about two by two meters. At least. Yes, this GGS really needs to become a big one, big enough to use it on the beach or in a park. And very yarn-consuming.

Now, why don’t you join me and make also a Giant Granny Square with your leftovers? Would love to hear from you and see your GGS!

I am making my granny square with a 5mm hook. In the corners I make 3 tr (US: dc/NL: stokjes), chain 1, 3 tr.
No chain 1 between the trebles on the sides. I turn the blanket after every row, this prevents that the blanket looks ‘twisted’. I also vary the corner where I start with a new colour.

Happy hookin’!


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4 Responses to Reasons for a smile # 3 :: Big Blanket-fun

  1. You really do like making blankets don’t you? I normally only make one at a time but now I have finished my ‘cloth’, which is a bit like making a blanket, I have a definite need to make another but I don’t have much ‘left overs’!
    Very interesting to hear how you make your granny square blankets. I made a small one and yes it did tend to get a bit of a twist in it. Yours looks very pretty. I like the way you are using the colours.

  2. corine24 says:

    Thank you!

    Yes, I sure do like making blankets. 🙂 And I already started another one this afternoon, in darker colours …. can’t help myself.

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