About Pinterest, Greengate and Cath Kidston. And other stuff …

My o my, a blog post without photos. Well, that has a reason. I am angry, you see. Mad. Cross.
You might know I get a lot of inspiration of Pinterest. Some many great ideas about crocheting, embroidery and lots and lots of other stuff I happen to like. You name it and you can find it on Pinterest. It has changed my life. Well, a bit. Really! I have always loved Pinterest. Yes, loved. Lately Pinterest pi…es me off. Why? Well, they places so-called ‘recommended’ pins on my boards. Pins I do not like. Pins I do not want. There are Pins from Cathe Kidston and Greengate (I do like their products) but also from Sewing and Prints I don’t even like. And all of these Pins I can not remove myself, not even with the ‘hide this’-button. It is so annoying. It is SPAM! Propaganda!!
So, what I am now doing is removing all CK and Greengate and other company-related Pins. So much work as I happen to like these products, but I am só fed up with these unwanted Pins … I hope this does the trick. Probably not. I also block people. Sorry people, it is not really a personal issue, it is not that I don’t like you, I just don’t want these unwanted Pins.
I have already emailed Pinterest about this problem but they said there is nothing they can do about it. Yeah, right … Of course they can, it is a money-issue, I am not thát stupid.
So I beg you you, Pinterest, please Pretty please, stop with the ‘recommended’ pins and let us decide for ourselves what we like or don’t like on our boards. I do NOT want Pins I do NOT like, how difficult to understand is that, Mr./Mrs. Pinterest-CEO?

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2 Responses to About Pinterest, Greengate and Cath Kidston. And other stuff …

  1. Unlike you I have never liked Pinterest. It does bring a lot of visitors to my site but I don’t like the fact that people can take pictures off my site without a ‘by your leave’ and I can’t take them off if they post the less good ones. And I am sure it is all in aid of making money for Pinterest.

  2. corine24 says:

    Yes, I know what you mean. But I also enjoy the inspiration I get from P.

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