Something’s gotta give …

Long Island rippleHave you ever seen the film “Something’s gotta give”? That great and hilarious film with the always brilliant Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson? Well, I have. About ten times, I think. I kid you not. It could be more. As I have the DVD I’ll see it once again, I am sure of that. It is just not only the story of the film that I like so much, plus the actors, but is has also to do with something else that I like to watch this film over and over again. It’s the beach house at The Hamptons were ‘Erica Barry’ (Keaton) lives and writes her succesful plays. Wow, that house. O-M-G ….
When I saw it the first time I almost started packing to move in. The house is só stunning.
I love the colours they are using in this film: naturals, light blues, white, lots of white, and also wood to keep it warm. This look says Long Island and Scandinavian at the same time.
When you have a proper look at the furniture in the house, and the colours that are used, you might notice that Erica wears pretty much the same colours. Lots of white and naturals. Now thát is styling … 😉Somethings-Gotta-Give-in-Architectural-DigThe interior of the beach house is totally my cup of tea and it inspired (ehum …) me to start a new blanket that has that Beach House/Long Island/Scandinavian feeling. For this new project I made up my own pattern and I am only using four colours, yes, seriously. Only four.Long Island ripple-yarn                                      * Cloud Blue * White * Denim * Parchment *
It’s going to be a beach style kinda blanket, with soft mellow tones. Noting screams in this blanket. No bright colours allowed.
Long Island rippleAnd one other thing that is new to me is that I am using the same type of yarn, from one brand, for this ripple: Stylecraft Special DK. I just want to experience how a blanket of the same type of yarn feels like.
Long Island rippleSoft and mellow. Water and sand. Ripples on the beach, ripples on the sand. Long Island. The Hamptons. Summer.


Source photo: The photo of the interior comes from:


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4 Responses to Something’s gotta give …

  1. It’s lovely to use a different palette sometimes. Very soothing colours!

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