Finished :: Spring Ripple Blanket!!

Flowers flowersIt was a lovely sunny Easter Sunday yesterday. We sat outside, had a cappuccino with a piece of home-made banana-cake, filled with my own home-made plum jam, and enjoyed the fresh air. It was not hot, but in the sun it was very comfortable. And look at these pretty anemones, aren’t they beautiful? I so love that lavender-lilac colour of them.
Laatste rand Spring RipplePippi likes banana-cake too, as she is eating the crumbs. Naughty pussy cat, she knows she is not allowed to do that. While sitting outside I made the last stitches on my Spring Ripple Blanket, with apple green.
I had thought I needed a day or two to finish my Spring Ripple Blanket, but on Sunday afternoon I finished it. Yay! Spring ripple detailRemember when this journey began? It all started with that bright green plus some colours you can find in the garden when Spring arrives. Colours I love in the garden but also colours I am not very fond of when it is yarn (so why did I ever buy this yarn?!?! greed, I think …). But when I was working on this blanket I began to like them, this cheerfulness, seeing these shades next to each other, row after row. What also ‘helped’ was that I used white and cream-white. To me that does the trick. And hey, I happen to like white tulips and lovely snow drops.
Spring rippleThe border is kept simple. I started and finished the blanket with the same colour, bright green. When finishing the last zigzag-row I chained two and around the corner I started with a row of trebles (dc for US peeps). I did not like it and frogged the whole row. Then I decided on half trebles. Aahhhh, so much better that was. The second and last row of edging, in apple green, were double crochets (in US-terms: single crochet). I already knew when starting this blanket I wanted to make tiny circles on the pointy ends of the blanket. Just for fun, no special reason.
Af IMG_1343So, a ta-dah-moment is on its way now …. hope you are ready for some serious colourful rippletastic photos …

Af IMG_1329 Af IMG_1332Ta-daahhhh …!!!! One happy Spring Ripple Blanket. Lots of colour and lots of happiness.Af IMG_1352

I’d placed on our bed, just to photograph it. Now, we have a big bed (160 cm wide), but the blanket is big enough to cover me completely.
Af IMG1354
Some SRB-facts, in case you are curious:
Af IMG_1337Number of rows: 113.
Number of colours: About eighteen, I think …
Yarn used: several brands, all acrylic, like Cygnet Aran (lime), Patons Fab DK (lilac) and Scheepjes.
Weight: 1034 grams.
Pattern: Leonie Morgan.
Hook size: 5mm, the foundation chain was with a 6mm hook.
Size: 137 x 165 cm.
IMG_1349Well, that’s about it about this blanket, I guess, must start to continue my next blanket … taraaaa ….

Enjoy your day!

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10 Responses to Finished :: Spring Ripple Blanket!!

  1. Love the colors of this blanket and the little circles add a whimsy to the blanket. Great work!

  2. Those little circles are so much fun! I hope you like the bright colors in it now because this is beautiful.

  3. Brilliant and I love the colours!!!

  4. crazyccrochet says:


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  6. friggja says:

    This is a lovely blanket! The colors are so cheerful.

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