Nearly there …

Spring ripple with PippiI have nearly finished the Spring Ripple Blanket, yay!, only a day or two to go, I think. When a project is coming to its end I always get in a hurry, I just want to finish it, so that I can start something else. Or finish something I’ve already started. This is the reason my blankets are usually a tad shorter than I had planned in the first place …
I have lots of new patterns for blankets in my head, and there are so many ideas I want to try.
Spring RippleMy blanket now completely covers me when I am working on it on the sofa and it is so lovely and warm to snuggle under it. I have shown the blanket to some people and they all say they like it. The like the colours, the brightness of it. It says Summer, it says Spring, they tell me. These colourful stripes, it is all pretty new to me, but some combinations I like very much. Spring ripple Like the lavender with white, beige and apple green. Yes, the lavender is lovely …
Running out of yarnMost of the time making this blanket was utter bliss, although there were some moments of intense sadness …. about 10 centimeters of sadness ….
Now, in my head I have already started a new blanket –what is it, that making blankets is so utterly satisfying?– and luckily I have the yarn for it in my boxes. I think. I must.Progress Spring Ripple BlanketAnyway, back to the sofa and my blanket, must finish the border. Enjoy your weekend!

PS: Look what the flower-delivery-man just brought (an Easter-gift from K’s company) … some sunshine in the house …

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11 Responses to Nearly there …

  1. Making blankets is soothing somewhow, maybe beause they take a while to make. Beautiful blanket and beautiful sunflowers.

  2. Erin says:

    I’ve been crocheting for almost a year now and blanket projects always give me a bit of apprehension because they seem like such a big undertaking or they seem very… complicated? Due to that, I haven’t really tried one. BUT, that is neither here or not there — You’re making a wonderful blanket and when you do finish it, it’ll look (and feel!) exactly right for chilly spring and summer days or nights.

  3. Those color choices are beautiful. Makes me want to start my own spring blanket.

  4. lucyannluna says:

    Love the colours

  5. Lisa Jeffery says:

    I am making a ripple blanket and just doing 2 rows of each colour. Whe you vary the amount of rows pet colour to you do a repeated pattern or is it just random? I would like to do it that way for my next one. Thanks from Austraia 🙂

    • corine24 says:

      Hi Lisa, it is just random. At first I wrote down how many rows I wanted to make of each colour but later I stopped doing that. Love to see your blanket!

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