The Master

SAMSUNGWell, I can cross that of of my bucket-list: I have seen The Nachtwacht. It was my second visit to the Rijks (that is the Rijksmuseum for the close) and this time it was a special occasion. K works on a project for Philips, one of the sponsors of the Rijks and Philips invited their staff for a visit at the current special exhibition. Lucky people!
And so a few weeks ago on a chilly Wednesday-evening K and I drove to Amsterdam to see something special: The Late Rembrandt.Rembrandt SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG The colours, they are absolutely amazing. What I liked most was how Rembrandt had painted jewelry and pearls. Ow, those pretty pearls, you can actually see them shine.De Joodse Bruid SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG SAMSUNG

The building itself is worthwhile a visit, it really is. Have a good look at the floor, at all these beautiful mosaics with the Zodiac signs (now guess what sign I am).SAMSUNG As this visit was in the evening there were no queues and we had plenty of time to see it all. That is what I like, to walk around in a museum without being pushed aside.SAMSUNG  Don’t forget to look at the walls and ceiling …SAMSUNG SAMSUNGWhen we finished watching the exhibition we had a pleasant surprise: we were allowed to go to the Hall of Fame and there I saw for the first time in my life The Night Watch by Rembrandt and The Milkmaid by Vermeer. I felt humble and honoured, I sure did.

There aren’t many words in this blog post. You just have to look at the pics and enjoy. I took the photos with my mobile so they aren’t very good, sorry about that, but now you have a good excuses to go to the Rijks yourself. Maybe we’ll meet there as I still need to go back some day to see the dolls houses.


PS: I wrote this blog post some weeks ago but kind of forgot to post it …

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