Back to school

rosesHello, how are you today? It was yet again another cool night but now the sun is shining. Have a look at my roses first. A little while ago I bought some roses at the supermarket with very disappointing quality, one rosebud was missing and others were broken. I kind of complained a bit about them and I could get a new bunch of any flowers I liked. Plus a box of bonbons and a free packet of coffee!roses and bonbonsGreat service that is! So yesterday I cashed the items and I chose these pretty roses, aren’t they lovely? Those orange-red flowers really brighten up the living room.rosesLove, love, love them. The bonbons taste yummy and K thinks the roses last longer than the chocolates … I think he is right.
SchoolThis afternoon I drove back to school as I had an appointment with one of the teachers. It felt weird and familiar at the same time to drive into the parking garage under the building. I am a part-time student which means I only have classes one day a week. The rest of the week it means studying at home and doing an internship or work. Luckily I already finished my internship and for this year I only have three courses to go. And then I can start in the third year, next September. Well, that was the plan. Not gonna happen. First I must finish my three courses starting in September, and only then I can make a start with year three, in February 2016. Ah, well, c’est la vie. At least I don’t have to do a minor as I got an exemption for that. But now I have plenty of time -five months!- to prepare myself, write my essay and re-read a couple of my study-books as some of the knowledge is a bit out of focus.
Spring Ripple blanketAnd oohh, I have some extra time for my Spring Ripple now ….

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One Response to Back to school

  1. Beautiful roses and a nice bonus getting the chocs and coffee… Sorry your study timetable didn’t quite work out to plan but having extra time is not to be complained about! Your spring ripple is GORGEOUS. Love, love, love it!!!!!! Are you working on it wearing sunglasses (tee hee) xxxx

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