A creative mood

Spring March 2015It sure is lovely weather we currently have. Yesterday was a day with some drizzle but today the sun is shining. It is chilly -I know this as I just walked into the garden with in a t-shirt- but yes, lovely. NarcissenNarcisI discovered some tiny narcissus here and there around the house. I’d completely forgotten I had planted some bulbs on that piece of garden. HelleborusOne is a bit lonely but hey, he is in good company of a bunch of hellebore.AnemoneAnd the anemones survived the cold temperatures we had last night. Isn’t that colour amazing? I love it. Love the fact that Spring brings so much colour in the garden. Talking about Spring and colour: I finished my Spring Blanket. Yay! I am so glad I finished it, as I had more than enough of it. This has to do with the horrible “quality” of the white yarn I used for this blanket. It felt like I was crocheting with chewing gum. It was very cheap, only 89 euro cents for 100 grams and it was a bad bargain in this case. Spring blanket in car1I have bought cheap yarn before which was fine and soft and lovely to crochet with. But thís yarn … what I have left -not a lot- goes into the bin. And then you know how awful this yarn is.  Spring blanket in car2Therefore the blanket is much shorter than I had planned in the first place. Anyway, Spring Blanket now happily lives at the back seat of my car. Very retro. So maybe one day, when I am driving around and want to stop near a meadow full of funny little lambs I grab this tiny blanket to sit on, while looking the sheep.
Strap1Remember I mentioned a strap for my notebook yesterday? I already started with it. It goes very fast and I came up with my own little granny square. Very easy to do, I’ll write you a tutorial when the strap is finished. And what to think of that stripey fabric? It’s a huge piece of fabric for only 2,50. I am planning to make a lining for one of my baskets. I bought it in a paint/curtain/wallpaper-shop and this is curtain fabric. Love a good bargain …


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8 Responses to A creative mood

  1. Shame about the white yarn. But a happy cheerful blanket.

  2. I love your blanket – well done for finishing it in spite of the white yarn, I probably would have given up! That fabric is great, I love a good bargain too. x

  3. Lilly's Mom says:

    Your granny square blanket is beautiful. I love the colors! And it was fun to read how you are making the ripple blanket. Very pretty.

  4. Its horrible when a yarn doesn’t live up to expectations. I have started going into yarn shops and sussing out different yarns now before I buy them online. And cheap can be good I agree, but not always. The blanket turned out well though – looks great in your car. The fabric looks like a great deal and love your little squares xxx

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