Decisions, decisions …

tulips IMG_1129 IMG_1131 This is a serious blog post, ow yes, it is. It is a time of chances, you see, lots of decisions had to be made lately. But first I have to show you some prettiness. Look at my lovely tulips. Aren’t they lovely? I bought them at the supermarket, I couldn’t resist this bit of light lilac Spring-happiness.
Now, about those Decisions. There are small decisions about new crochet projects (always fun, and the least of my worries), for example. Spring ripple blanket next rowsAt the first photo you can see my Spring Ripple blanket on the couch. Ow, what fun it is to be back at ripple-making! It goes fast, it doesn’t involve a lot of thinking (which I am grateful for at the moment) and to my own surprise I am smitten with the for me -rather bright- colours I am using. The only decision I have to make here is which colour to use next. I simply line up a few balls of yarn on the carpet and make up my mind. This is my ‘colour-map’. Then I write down the order of the shades I have chosen and I can continue with the next row. No clothes-pegs with yarn (although a clever idea), no pieces of threads on a piece of paper, nothing like that. Easy-peasy it is. This is the way that works for me. I only do this at daylight, though, to have a better look at the colours.
Spring Ripple blanket progressIn the evening I can crochet without worrying about the chosen colours.
Then there is this decision about stopping with a personal course I am taking (because: too expensive unfortunately, too much travelling). I might finish this first year as it is only three months to go, and then I’ll  continue it after graduating. Yes, Graduating. You see, I made the Decision to go back to school to finish my degree (something I really, really want). I need to finish it.
MWDSo yes, I am going back to school and I am looking forward to it! I can honestly say I Finally have my study-mojo back. And that is a good feeling, it really is.
And the last decision …  maybe, yes maybe … I’ll start, with K’s help, a home-based business. I can’t tell you much about that yet as it still involves a lot of thinking, research, counting, planning and more thinking. The crucial issue here is not to fall into the same trap over and over again: doing and wanting too much at the same time. Schanulleke en CorineBut I also want to earn some descent money now, so that I can start with horse back riding again which I miss so much, or that I can stop with the money-diet I am on so that I can buy a bunch of roses without feeling guilty. You know, the essence of life.IMG_1132Have you spotted that pink notebook on the table? It has all my decisions written down in it. A notebook/agenda to keep and to treasure, because one day I’ll read it all back, what I wrote down in March 2015. BTW, I think it needs a little crochet strap …



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9 Responses to Decisions, decisions …

  1. Wilma says:

    Go for iT!

  2. I’m going through the same decision making process about what I want to do next for work. And a home-based business is something I would LOVE to do. Stupid money (or the lack of it) always makes me so afraid. But then I think of the potential happiness. Best wishes as you journey through 2015!

  3. Good Luck with all your decisions!

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  5. I like crocheting too to forget serious decisions and worries 🙂 Athough re the home-based business I would say go for it too – I have run my own business from home (medical writing) for 22 years now and never regretted it. Working from home is great – but it is hard work as you only get paid when you are working HARD xxx But no traveling and being at home is a big compensation!

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