Spring Ripple Blanket, part # 1

Spring ripple blanketAs I nearly finished the Spring Blanket I thought it was okay to give myself permission to start a new blanket. Maybe you have read my previous blog post, and if you have you know where the inspiration for this blanket comes from. There are other ripple blankets I really love, like this one from Attic24 and the ripple by Himiko. Beautiful colours.IMG_1111I have chosen about eighteen colours for this project, but as always I remove a couple as eighteen is too much. That is something I decide along the way.
It is a bit of a challenge, this ripple, as I am going to use bright (really!!), colourful colours this time. But it is a Spring blanket, again, so it needs colour, colours you can find in the garden pretty soon. Think of lilac and yellow crocuses, red and pink tulips, buttercups. And fresh grass with those little white daisies in it.Spring ripple blanketThe first rows are in these colours (from right to left): bright green, apple green, lilac, cream-white, ‘orange-red’, light pink and dark beige. That bright green is way out of my comfort zone, but when I look at it with the other colours, I think it works. Funny how colours suddenly can make that match.
Spring ripple blanketI started with a chain of 196 on a 6mm hook, and the first row plus the other rows are made with a 5 mm hook. As for all of my ripple blankets I use the pattern from Leonie Morgans book. This book is about granny squares but it also has a few ripple patterns in it. Love this book.100 ganny squaresMeanwhile I have swapped the ball of creme for plain -very!- white as the creme yarn was not thick enough for a 5 mm hook.  White yarnBut then I found a ball of yarn that is in between white and creme, a lighter creme, so hop, into the bag.
Some other colours are already banned from the project like the bright aqua, the soft sea green and one of the blue’s. I am happy what is left in the bag, yep, perfectly happy. So, in all, this blanket is not going to be too bright afterall. Spring rippleBaby steps, baby steps …

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