The solution

I am so sorry to bother you with my yarn issues, again, but I cannot help it. Or should I say: I can’t help myself? The issue is: I think I have found the solution for my bright yarn stash, you see. searching on the internet I came across with this colourful blanket of Coco Rose Diaries. It is beautiful, don’t you think? Although it is very, very bright: I like it. And so I think this IS the perfect solution for my what-to-do-with-my-bright-yarn, because
A: It’s a ripple, and I love making ripple blankets
B: It has bright colours.
Ripple bright coloursI don’t have the mid blue Coco Rose uses, but I do have plenty of other cheerful colours in my bag. Like the blanket made by Hopscotch Lane, this blankie also has lots of white in it. I like the white so my blanket is probably going to be also a mix of bright and maybe muted colours, just have to see how that works out.
As I don’t want to copy someone elses blanket for 100% I’ll do a few things different. Coco Rose used seven colours, I’ll use more, probably ten. I am leaving the yellow, the one on the left, out and I might add one or two colours. The pattern I’ll use is the one I usually use, and is slightly less ‘pointy’ then Coco’s one. Coco Rose Diaries IMG_9667aHave a look at the border. Aren’t the pompoms utterly cute? I have never made pompoms (only as a child at school, a long time ago), but I might give it a try. They look absolutely lovely.
Spring bl.Now, I can hardly force myself not to start this blanket immediately, but I must finish my Spring Blanket first. Or is it okay to make a little start with it and crochet that very first foundation chain and the first row? Just one row?


Due to copyrights: The first photo of this blog post (the blanket with the feet) and the photo with the pompoms are not mine, they belong to Coco Rose Diaries. For lots of colourful inspiration have a look at her blog!

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4 Responses to The solution

  1. Your stash of bright colours looks wonderful – they would all work really well together in a gentle ripple blanket… I can’t advise about starting new projects, I do that ALL the time even though I have planned to finish things first xxxxxx

  2. Your yarn stash will make a lovely ripple blanket!!! I am very bad at jumping onto a new project before finishing the last one.. but blanket is a big project so sometimes it’s nice to have a change between granny square and ripple:)

  3. I’m always starting new things. You could do the blankets in tandem if you don’t mind how soon you finish.

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