To Frog or Not To Frog

V cluster stitch blanketI don’t like. Really, I don’t.
V stitch first rows                                                 I …. Do …. Not …. Like …. It.                Period.
I am talking my V-cluster stitch blanket here. Don’t get me wrong, I love hooking this V-stitch pattern, but I just do not like the colours. When I staring this blanket the plan was to use all of my bright coloured yarn and to sell the blanket. But I find it hard, so hard, to make something that doesn’t excite me, doesn’t make my heart all skippy. I have really tried to like it, I seriously tried. But I do NOT like this blanket. This is just so not me.
V cluster stitch blanketOf course there is only one thing I can do now. Frogging. Unraveling. What’s the proper word? Well, you know what I mean. And that is what’ll do on this cold and chilly Sunday afternoon. Spring blanketThe positive site of this frogging-project is that I’ll now have enough white for the Spring Blanket, and I can use the pink as well. Yay.
V cluster stitch before froggingAnyway, here is a last pic before I start to frog the whole darn thing (pardon my language). You know how it feels, don’t you? (if you say you don’t I won’t believe you) All that work, for nothing. No, that is not completely true as I did learn to make a new stitch, which I love. For the yarn I have another destination. Again. Probably for a granny square-ish item, a blanket in Cath Kidston/Greengate-colours perhaps. Who knows.

Have a nice Sunday!
xxV stitch blanketShe’s frogging, whoopee!!”

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One Response to To Frog or Not To Frog

  1. Ugh! Frogging. But I love the sliver lining of having the yarn to use in a project that does make you happy.

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