Spring things

Spring blanket 12 maartSpring blanket 12 maartYesterday was the first day I ate lunch outside this year, yes, outside in the Sun. And I worked in the afternoon on my Spring Blanket. In the garden. Even I am surprised how much joy working on my SB is. The colours are bright and vibrant and rather out of my comfort zone, and still, they are the perfect match for this project. The only colour I am not convinced about is yellow, so I’ll only make a few squares with that.
donderdag 12 maartThe plan now is to make this a large blanket, big enough for a double bed, but I am not sure if I have enough yarn for it. I can not buy any extra yarn as I had to put myself back on my yarn diet. So maybe I have to use more shades of pink, a darker and a lighter version that I still have in my stash. But that is okay, I think, as I suppose it’ll work out all fine. There are days that being on a yarn-diet (and any other money-diets) makes me grumpy and a tad sad, but then I realize that there are always people in the world who have much less to spend then me. At least I have a roof over my head and a little car to drive in. So, no complaining,  let’s crochet with the yarn I currently have. C’est la vie.
bloembollen IMG_1069 IMG_1070After work I went to the supermarket to buy some –very cheap!– dahlia bulbs as it is now (nearly) the time plant these. I’ve also purchased two packages of ranunculus. I love ranunculus as they have such pretty colours and they look like roses. This weekend I’ll fill up my pots with the bulbs and wait and hope for a colour explosion in the garden during the Summer and fall.
rippleSpring is also the time of cleaning up, getting rid of things you don’t need, or are no longer the way you want them to be. Like my ripple, for example. It is just not right. The first row was made too tight, I should have used a bigger hook size, and therefore it is all wobbly and curly. Can you see that on the photo? I realized there was only one option and I started frogging as I just couldn’t look at it any longer. It was bothering and annoying me so much. But I do love the colours, that grey-green with soft coral is lovely, very Cottage in the Garden-ish. But first: frog, frog, frog … Yep, Spring is definitely in the air.


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