Spring Colours!

After my not-so-well-done-trolley-make-over in black, grey and white I needed some colour. A.k.a. new project. And that is what I started last night on the sofa.Evening photo Spring blanketOf course I do not need a new project but I couldn’t help myself. Now, there is this blog I really like as it has such vibrant and cheerful colours. It brings a smile to my face when I have a little peek. It is the blog of Becky: Hopscotch Lane. She hasn’t written a blog post for a while, I hope Becky is okay, but do have a look at her blog if you like happy colours. It is so inspirational! Plus her dog is cute (and so is his adorable bed!)
One of her blankets got my serious attention, it is the granny square blanket. I want to make one, too! Can you believe that? Me? The not so keen on bright colours kinda gal? Yep, love her use of colour. When studying her photos I suddenly realised why; it is because she also uses white in her work. That makes ALL the difference. The white gives the blanket a calm and serene look, and yet the granny’s are still colourful.
Spring blanket coloursI am making my squares in eight rows instead of seven and my center, the fifth and the seventh row are always white. Like Becky’s blanket it gives the blankie a fresh and Spring-ish look. After a bit of thinking I decided on seven colours in total, all from different brands I still had in my boxes, as this is a stash project. V cluster stitch blanketMost of these colours I am also using for the sigh -never ending- V cluster stitch blanket, but I have plenty of yarn in that bag anyway.Spring blanket coloursMy colours are: – Lime (2 shades) – White – Light yellow – Raspberry – Pink – Red –
The two limes are nearly the same but one is of them is just a tiny bit darker than the other one.
Spring blanket coloursSo, what to name this soon to be blanket? Spring Blanket, that’s the only option.
Becky’s blanket has a stunning border and I am not sure what to do with mine. But as I still have to make about fifty or so granny squares I have plenty of time to think about that.Spring blanket coloursHappy hooking!
xxSpring blanket

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4 Responses to Spring Colours!

  1. great colors for spring! Nice work…

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