Jolly trolley

About the trolley. Yes. Well. It’s almost finished. And I am done with it already. Trolley so farAs it was too hard to sew the granny’s on the material I only made two rows of granny’s. And a rose with two leaves.
Sorry for the bad quality of the pics, the sunlight is so bright that I couldn’t take decent photos.   Trolley finishedAs you maybe can see some of the granny’s need some extra stitching to the trolley, as they are a bit loose and not straight yet. I must admit, I also tried superglue, but that wasn’t such a success. Something else I must confess, I really enjoyed working with grey, white and black. That combination of colours, or almost non-colours- would work very well in a blanket or a cushion cover, I think. Must remember that idea for later.
IMG_1042The star is a pattern from this book. It should be much bigger like the size of a large mandala, but I kept it small so it would fit on the pocket on the side of the trolley. It was nice to try a new pattern, must do that more often.
When looking at the granny squares it looks like I have used many colours, but I didn’t, it’s the sunlight that fools us here! We do have a lovely sunny day today, I should go outside for a walk or a short run. But back to the colours, there were just five colours used, plus some green for the leaves. TrolleyNow, I am not really content with the row at the bottom, so the trolley might look better when I remove it. IMG_1046Aaah yes, much better. (Have you noticed the black spots on the trolley? Superglue ...) Okay, can I continue with working on my blanket(s) now? Yay, blankets!


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