Black and White and Grey

trolleyHave a look at this pretty shopping trolley. Look at the clever design, the shiny zipper? Isn’t it beautiful? No, of course it is not. It is just a shopping trolley. A bit dull, and very black. Now, there is a little story behind this trolley. Years ago I owned a houseboat, an ark to be precise (it had a concrete bottom). An old, leaking, in pretty bad shape houseboat which I never should have bought. But I loved it. Zwaanjes bij de woonbootview house boatI had this amazing view over the water and over the meadowland. Ooow, I dΓ³ miss it when I see these pics again … But that was then and this is now.
When doing shopping it was quite a walk from the shops to the parking garage and I couldn’t park my car in front of the boat, so after a while I was fed up with carrying my shopping bags. My arms were killing me. And therefore I bought the shopping trolley. TROBP3836_trolley_barbapapa 1121623 In those days there were no fancy trolleys with nice patterns with colourful dots or Barbapapa-prints.
No, I ended up with that black thing. It is a good quality, though, and I am so glad I never got rid (even when K says it’s an old ladies-trolley) of it as I now can use it again for carrying around my crochet-items when attending a fair. Yes, I am going to a fair!
But … the trolley needs an update. I have looked and searched on the internet but I couldn’t find anything I had in mind. Must figure out myself what to do next. First, the colours. I have one rule: No black with bright colours. Absolutely Not. Black is, in my opinion, only nice with white, cream-white, grey, and non-bright colours such as dark green and heather. Black with red? Yuk … Black with pink? Noooo …
I don’t have much black yarn in the house and I am not allowed to buy any, so I have to crochet with what I have in my stash. grey yarnA couple of colours would do and I came up with these five: three shades of grey, one white and one black. This’ll do.
The granny I made for this trolley was a version (my own) of the sunburst granny. I really like this one, as it has a circle in it that gives a bit the idea of a flower.
Trolley granny1 Trolley granny2There, one done, only eight to go. And maybe more if I get carried away.

To be continued


PS: I love, love, love, love this wicker trolley …

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7 Responses to Black and White and Grey

  1. Looks like it will look lovely when you have finished it. I have been using a shopping trolley for years. (Even before I became an old lady!).

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  3. Anne Marie says:

    I have a shopping trolley but don’t use it! If I went to the town on the bus I would but it take too long to get there, say 45 minutes, whereas it’s 15 in the car to where I park outside the town centre and walk in. Then I don’t really buy much there as I go to the centre close to home and then use one of their trolleys.
    I’m sure it will be lovely when you take your stuff to the fairs. I too, love the wicker one!
    I have a Bike Hod trolley but have never used it as I can’t find a bag to fit onto it for my shopping by bike.
    I can imagine how you miss your boat, looking out from those windows it looks as if you’re in the water!

  4. hizzard7 says:

    Great idea to give it a cover. Subtle colours and very practical despite our children’s objections. The wicker is pretty but would be very heavy. Enjoy the fare πŸ™‚

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