A Glorious Day

SunshineIt sure was. Or still is, I should say, as the day is not over yet. Outside it is sunny and I can feel, almost smell, Spring. SnowdropsHellaboreThe garden is doing its best. Look at these adorable cute snowdrops, they are so pure and pretty. And the hellebore are still adding that deep purple-red colour to the garden, as it is doing every year. Japanese roseJapanese roseOur Japanese rose is also still blooming, and this is what we had in the garden all Winter long. These light pink -almost white- tiny roses are so delicate but no matter what kind of weather Winter brings, they bloom every single year. I simply could not resist to bring some Japanese prettiness into the house.IMG_0985Last night we had a marvellous view at his red and pink sky. I took this pic from our spare bedroom, but it is hard to get the colours right. It was like the sky was on fire.
Today we had a cup of tea outside (yay!) after I removed a layer of green stuff from the table. It looks a bit like seaweed, but it isn’t. It is just that stuff that rain, wind, trees and a bit of bird poop makes the wood green. Lovely colour, though. And with a bucket of hot water and a handful of ordinary soda it was removed quickly. I even washed the windows …
hexagon blanketmerinoSpring brings also new ideas, crochet ideas, of course. I now finally know what to make with my cotton merino. It is such a delight to work with merino, so soft as it is. I am currently working on a hexagon blanket, too and I like making hexagons só much that I’ve planned to make hexagons with the merino. The blanket I make from different brands of yarn and will become a big one, about 200 cm x 175 cm. Well, that is the plan. No, I am not telling you what my exact plans are with these merino-hexa’s, but I’ll tell you later! IMG_0997Now then, there is just one tiny little problem: I do not have enough yarn for this project. And this time I don’t want to mix different yarns as this item must be made only with merino. So I am afraid I have to order some extra balls of this yummy scrummy yarn.
merinoAh well, that’s life, what can you do about it?


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