Reasons for a smile # 2 :: Fenna yarn

IMG_0902 IMG_0903 In The Netherlands lots of people -mainly women- are very enthusiastic about a yarn called “Fenna”. This yarn has multiple shades so each colour gradually blends into the next one. Fenna is very popular and therefore often quickly sold out. I have seen this yarn in the shop (Wibra) only once and I didn’t like the colours as they were too bright for my taste. No, not my thing. But last Monday I saw Fenna in the shop again – they had plenty of stock (also the bright colours)- and this time in two colours I truly liked. IMG_0908One of those colours has shades of brown, beige, green-ish copper, gold and light brown in it. It is so beautiful, but I can’t get the photos right due to the sunlight. On this pic it looks grey, but it really isn’t! I fell in love with it immediately and bought three balls. IMG_0915Now, thát was stupid, I should have bought all the balls, but hey, you do want to give other people a change for some yarn happiness, right? And yes, I do regret I didn’t buy the other shade as well, that one had light blue and soft pink in it, also very, very pretty. (Yarn-diet? Which yarn-diet?)
StarfishThe first item I made with Fenna is a starfish for my hot water bottle cover and I must say: it is lovely yarn to work with. It is light, soft and the colours are amazing.

Oooh Fenna, you do make me 🙂 ….

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6 Responses to Reasons for a smile # 2 :: Fenna yarn

  1. One of the yarns I bought for my knitted waistcoat is similar to that and I am going to have some left so I will be interested to see what you do with it.

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  3. Patricia says:

    Is it possible to order this yarn?

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